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Our Hospice

The Hospice admits terminally ill people so that they may spend the time remaining to them in the best possible conditions. The Hospice takes as its leading principle the pattern of merciful love which Jesus Christ handed down in his legacy of love. In its work it embraces people needing help at the threshold of their lives. Work in the Hospice is primarily centred around the battle against pain, but also encompasses everyday activities such as personal hygiene, nursing procedures, feeding and walks. The most important thing however is the presence of another human being. Our Hospice is located in the grounds of the Lichen Sanctuary not far from the Basilica housing the Miraculous Icon of Our Lady of Lichen.

The hospice can house 24 patients in
nine 2-3 person rooms with bathrooms. The building is fully and professionally fitted out to the highest technical standard to meet the demands of palliative care. There are also day rooms, an occupational therapy room, surgical rooms, a chapel and a spacious garden with paths for daily walks. Our patients are looked after by our highly qualified staff, including various specialist doctors, nurses, carers, cleaning assistants, physiotherapists, psychologists, a dietician, a chaplain and voluntary workers.

Families and relatives can use guest rooms situated in the building adjoining the Hospice, in order to keep the patients company on site.


The Hospice accepts insured patients referred by their doctor and the sole criterion for acceptance is the nature and stage of their illness according to the list of illnesses qualifying adults for hospice care.

In September 2007 the beatification took
place in Lichen of the Founder of the Order of Marian Priests, Father Stanislaw Papczynski, a great intercessor for souls in Purgatory. The Blessed Father Stanislaw entrusted to the Order he founded the task of caring for the souls of the dead but also that of ensuring that the living be well prepared for death.

The idea of a Hospice fits in ideally with this special legacy of the Founder. This is why the Hospice created in Lichen and named after him is a votive offering of gratitude for the gift of beatification of Father Stanislaw,  which the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, carried out on the instruction of the Holy Father Benedict XVI. During the ceremony, the corner-stone for the construction of the Hospice was blessed. At its conclusion Pope Benedict XVI greeted all the participants of the beatification by video-link and addressed these words to all:

„Today in Lichen the beatification of the founder of the Marian Priests Father Stanislaw Papczynski is being accomplished. He was an ardent follower of the Immaculate Mother of our Lord, a great preacher and a father to the poor. Uniting with the participants of the ceremony in prayer, I entrust everyone to his care, especially the sick and the elderly. May God bless you.”

The Pope’s words proved that the Hospice is a step in the right direction. The refurbishment of the former monastery in which the current Hospice is based had already begun by November 2007. The works continued almost to the end of 2008. The opening and dedication ceremonies took place on 6th January 2009 led by the Bishop of Wloclaw Diocese, HE Wieslaw Mering. The very next day our first two charges arrived, blessed with the characteristic names Mary and Joseph.

Address Details

Fundacja Spem Donare
NZOZ Licheń z Oddziałem Hospicjum
im. . Stanisława Papczyńskiego
ul. Klasztorna 4
62-563 Licheń Stary
tel. (+48) 63 270 86 00, fax: (+48) 63 270 86 05

If you wish to help us, you can do so in various ways:
- pray for us and for the work we are doing, for the patients, the workers and the volunteers.
- if you are a Polish taxpayer, donate your 1% tax to our Hospice by entering
Name: Fundacja SPEM DONARE
And KRS Number: 0000300810
on your PIT form.
- let your relatives, friends and acquaintances know about us.

Monetary donations can also be sent to the Foundation's bank account:

For international transfers:
Bank: BGZ S.A. Centrala Warszawa
Swift Code: GOPZPLPW
in USD: PL 51 2030 0045 3110 0000 0015 7110
in EUR: PL 72 2030 0045 3110 0000 0015 7120

For domestic transfers in PLN:
Bank Pocztowy oddzial w Koninie
32 1320 1016 2760 2760 2000 0001

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