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St. Dorothy’s Church

We do not know when did exactly Licheń’s parish started it’s existence. A wooden church was located here before 1232. From the source materials we know, that in 1845

a wooden church was demolished due to its weak structure. Since then parishioners had prayed in a wooden chapel on a cemetery. In 1852, after the apparitions thanks to efforts of the countess Izabela Kwilecka and her son Władysław has started a construction of neo-gothic church. It was consecrated on September 19, 1857 and the Miraculous Image was placed in its main altar.

When the icon was transferred to the new basilica Parish Council decided to renovate St. Dorothy’s Church. It included rebuilding of the presbytery and side chapels, replacement of the altar table, fl
ooring, lighting and changing color of the walls. Wooden carved altar and Stations of the Cross were also renovated. In the main altar, there is now placed a painting showing St. Dorothy – the patron saint of the parish. To built the altar was used white marble brought from Carrara, Italy. It looks like two angels, whose wings forms the table. It is referring to the words of the First Eucharistic Prayers: “Almighty God, we pray that your angel may take this sacrifice to your altar in heaven. Then, as we receive from this altar the sacred body and blood of your Son, let us be filled with every grace and blessing.” The new pulpit shows in a symbolic way a breath of the Holy Spirit.

The left side chapel is dedicated to Our Lady of Licheń. It commemorates the fact, that for many years this church was a home of the Miraculous Image. The right one is dedicated to Blessed Fr. Stanislaus Papczyński, the Founder of Marian Fathers. The renovated church was opened again for the faithful in June, 2008. On February 6, 2009 Bishop Wiesław Alojzy Mering consecrated new altar and pulpit.

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