Matka Boża Bolesna

The Little Spring

After The Coronation of The Miraculous Image on August 15, 1967 Shrine has been be visited by more and more pilgrims. They were coming not only for the celebrations of the pardon but also through all the year to pray alone in front of the Miraculous Image. At that time Licheń was not prepared to receive such a high number of the pilgrims. There even was no water fit to drink, so iot was necessary to dig a well. Father Makulski dedicated the well on August 14, 1968 on the eve of the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The same day a group of excited people came to the sacristy. They informed about a woman from Pąchów
(a village near Kramsk), blind for 12 years, who received her sight back after drinking water from the well. There were witnesses of this event. This fact was recognized as the first miraculous healing  at the well, which from that time on has been called the Miraculous Little Spring. Later there were next miracles confirmed by testimonies written down in the Book of Mercy.
Today Licheń’s Little Spring is not only the well. It is now a kind of a complex of chapels situated next to each other, the well with water taps for drawing water and a small pool for washing feet.
According to the Old Testament physical healing were made through water, e.g. at Bethesda in Jerusalem. When Mother of God appeared to Bernadette n Lourdes, she asked the girl to dig down a little spring. Since then Lourdes has been called “the Shire of the sick”, where thousands of people have regain physical and mental health. Water from Lourdes is a symbol of living water given by Christ. Also in Gietrzwałd, Mary blessed a spring – a gift of Heaven to sick and suffering.
Little Spring in Licheń was dug because of practical reason – to give water fit to drink. However there are lots of testimonies of concrete people, who faithfully entrusted themselves to God and experienced the grace of healing by using water from the spring.

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