1 % tax to the Spem Donare Foundation

Each year, we can support non-profit organizations by paying income tax. At the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń, there is the Spem Donare Foundation, entitled to receive 1 percent. a tax through which Marian priests can support those in need free of charge. The name of the Foundation - Spem Donare, meaning "to give hope", best expresses its mission - to help people expecting a merciful attitude of their neighbor

Money donated from 1 percent. tax is a drop in the ocean of needs, but also a huge help. And this one is badly needed - the maintenance of a free hospice generates high costs. - Funds transferred from 1 percent. we spend the tax on statutory activities, mainly on the functioning of the hospice, incl. for the purchase of drugs or dressings. The contract with the National Health Fund allows for the simultaneous admission of 22 patients. The Licheń hospice is always full and usually a dozen or so people are waiting to be admitted- informs Katarzyna Muzykiewicz, director of the Licheń hospice. - Donors remember about us, for which we are very grateful. Most support us with small amounts, but regularity builds value - he adds. The main source of income for the hospice is a contract with the National Health Fund and support from the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń - pilgrims and benefactors.

People wishing to support the activities of the Licheń Foundation may enter the name in the annual tax return Spem Donare Foundation and the number KRS 0000300810. Detailed information on the activities of the Licheń hospice can be obtained by visiting the website:

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