We invite you to Licheń for "Carolling in the basilica" - concert program

The joy of the birth of the Son of God in the Licheń Basilica will be expressed by the artists during numerous concerts scheduled for the Christmas season.
Both instrumentalists, opera singers, choirs and the youngest were invited to sing Christmas carols. The whole series of concerts will consist of various interpretations of Christmas carols and pastorals in interesting arrangements. In addition to the Lichen organs, there will be, among others, trumpets, trombones, tuba, guitars and drums.
This year's second day of Christmas is also a celebration of the Holy Family. On this day, Marian Fathers invite all children to the traditional ones Children's caroling. Volunteers will have the opportunity to sing a selected Christmas carol or pastoral to the microphone in front of the Miraculous Picture of Our Lady of Lichen. Carol singing will start after the mass at 12.00, to which especially families with children are invited. Also on December 26, at masses at He will play at 10.00 and 12.00 Sanctuary Wind Quintetbetween the liturgies, we will hear an instrumental concert of Christmas carols and pastorals (around 11.00). The team consists of graduates and students of the Academy of Music in Poznań.
On Sunday, January 2, after the Holy Mass at At noon, a music band will sing Christmas carols to the accompaniment of guitars Galilee. On January 1 and 6 we will hear Christmas carols performed Barbara Kaczor, organists of the Lichen basilica. 
„Przy wigilijnym stole”, to tytuł widowiska słowno-muzycznego, które odbędzie się w niedzielę, 9 stycznia, po mszy o godz. 12.00. Wykonawcami będą Bogusław Morka (tenor, solista Teatru Wielkiego – Opery Narodowej oraz Teatru Muzycznego Roma w Warszawie), Ryszard Morka (bas) oraz Agnieszka Kozłowska (sopran).
A week later, on January 16, the artists of the Grand Theater Choir from Poznań will come to Licheń. The band will perform after the mass at 12.00 under the direction of Mariusz Otto with accompanist, pianist Mirosław Gałęski.
A festive concert of Christmas carols will be performed on the fourth Sunday of January (23.01) Choir of the Licheń Basilica "Stabat Mater". The band under the direction of Jacek Hyżny will be accompanied by the accompanist Paweł Opala on the largest organ in Poland.
The end of the carol month in Licheń is a musical nativity play that will take place in a unique nativity scene inspired by the times when Jesus was born. Artists, at On Sunday, January 30, they will tell the story of the birth of the Savior through the most beautiful Polish Christmas carols. 
We invite you!

Concert January carol singing in the basilica

Text: Sanctuary Press Office

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