"We are building love on truth" - retreat for engaged couples

“Why do we want to get married in the church? Are we ready for conjugal prayer? Will we raise children in faith? ”. Six engaged couples who took part in the retreat for engaged couples on September 18-20, "We build love on truth" in the Licheń sanctuary, were concerned with questions concerning the sacrament of marriage.

- We want young people to know God's vision of marriage and build their common future on God's plan - say the leaders Krystyna and Arkadiusz Gorgolewski. Their role during the retreat was to bear witness to 24 years of marital experience. Whereas Fr. Robert Krzywicki, MIC, director of the Licheń Center for Assistance to the Family and Addicted People in Licheń, explained, on the basis of the Holy Scriptures and the teachings of the Church, what marriage is.

Retreats are to motivate the engaged couples to talk about marriage topics, which is why they are of a workshop nature. At the beginning there is room for lecture elements. The spouses translate the teachings of the Church into the everyday language of life, the experiences of living together. Later, it is time for a dialogue in engaged couples on the basis of a series of questions concerning a specific area of married life, e.g. a marriage vow or responsible parenthood. Why a church wedding? What is faith and the sacrament of marriage to me? Do I recognize the indissolubility, fertility, and exclusivity of marriage? Am I ready to pray with you? What actions can help keep my marriage vow? How much do I trust in your faithfulness, honesty, and love? Will I accept and raise every child we have conceived? ”.

- The issues that we raise during the retreat are really important. We have been married for 24 years, we have five children. We share our own experience of married life with the engaged couple. We also talk about the mistakes we made. We encourage the engaged couples to create a marriage open to God, where there is always time to read the Holy Scriptures and ponder its contents together. We emphasize how important a dialogue between spouses is in a marriage. For us, the Word of God is a signpost, showing us the right way whenever we want to do something our way. There we look for solutions to every marital or parental problem - says Krystyna Gorgolewska. We are a married couple that tries to cooperate with God, we do not passively wait for the problems to resolve themselves - admits Arkadiusz Gorgolewski.

Retreats for engaged couples "We build love on truth" are held at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń twice a year.

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