To be a witness of Christ

- Be witnesses of the Risen One in your daily life. Set an example of faith, hope and love - Fr. Janusz Kumala, MIC, the curator of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń, encouraged us to courageously witness about the Risen One during the main Mass. on Easter Monday.

Let the Eucharist strengthen us, let us be important witnesses of Christ

During his homily, the custodian priest in the Lichen basilica encouraged people to be grateful to those who were witnesses of Christ. - We are Christians because someone has given us the Good News about the risen Christ. It is worth thanking our parents who led us to the sacrament of baptism, friends and priests who introduced us to the mystery of the risen Christ, celebrated the Eucharist and confessed, he encouraged.

The read Word of God explained what it means to be a witness of Chytrus and who he is. The women who had few rights at the time were the first to be invited to bear witness to Christ. - God chooses as witnesses according to the logic of love, not the logic of the world. Women gave the most beautiful testimony of attachment to Christ. This is the only criterion for being sent - explained Fr. Kumala in reference to the Gospel according to St. Matthew and noticed that the women ran with joy to announce the news of the resurrection to Christ's disciples, which teaches us not to delay in bearing witness. And the Christ he encounters is full of love and forgiveness towards disciples who doubt.

Roman soldiers also gave the news of Christ's resurrection, and the chief priests tried to mask it. - The world wants to hide the truth about Christ. In view of this situation, our only attitude is our testimony to the risen Christ - wished the curator of the Lichen sanctuary. - Be witnesses of the Risen One in your daily life, first of all through a beautiful life in accordance with God's commandments. Set an example of faith, hope and love - wished the curator of the Lichen sanctuary.

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