Grąbliński Forest

The Grąbliński Forest is a place in the Licheń sanctuary that witnessed the apparitions of Our Lady. In May 1850, something extraordinary happened here: heaven met earth. This is how you can - somewhat poetically - describe the revelation of Our Lady to a poor shepherd Mikołaj Sikatka. Since then, the place where the apparitions took place acquired a special significance. Crossing the gate, we enter a designated area - a sacred place - where silence and prayerful concentration should be kept.

During the apparitions in the Grąblin forest, Mary called for prayer, penance and a change of life, and ordered the painting to be moved to a more dignified place.

The Grąblin Forest is sanctified not only by the presence of Mary who appears, but also by the prayer and penance of many thousands of pilgrims. Holy because it's meant only for God. The visible sign of this "destiny" is the high wall that surrounds this place. Entering the designated area, we cross the gate and right behind it the plaque reminds us that we are in a holy place. Keep silence and prayerful concentration.

For pilgrims coming to Licheń, the Grąblin Forest is a must-see, from which they later head to the basilica in front of the Mother of God.

This forest encourages reflection, silence and prayer. It bestows silence, the rustle of trees, and the singing of birds. Roadside chapels allow you to think back to what happened in 1850. You can see with your own eyes the trunk of an old pine tree on which Tomasz Kłossowski hung a painting of the Mother of God years ago. For many pilgrims, the Way of the Cross in Grąblin is a permanent element of the pilgrimage, which here, on the forest paths, has a special character. The paths of the rosary invite you to meditate on the holy rosary.