Nationwide Artistic Meeting

As part of the annual painting plein-air in Licheń, artists participating in the Polish Art Meetings met. The creators in their works focused on the subject "Identity of the place", trying to show the Licheń sanctuary in an artistic perspective.

“We're still trying to find out about the 'DNA' of the Lichen sanctuary. We try to notice things that significantly influence this place, which are its indispensable signs. First of all, I mean the basilica, and secondly, all the content that is inscribed in the specificity of this place " - said Robert Brzęcki, curator of the lichen plein-air.

The artists were inspired by, among others Museum of Fr. Józef Jarzębowski, which, apart from the permanent exhibition, offered the recipient this year a temporary exhibition devoted to regaining independence by Poland, entitled "Poland is the future 1795-1918".

According to Robert Brzęcki, the patriotic element is an extremely important component of the content that is inscribed in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń.

Artists using a wide range of creative expression techniques were invited to participate in this year's plein-air: - “We tried to invite people who could pick up the content available in the sanctuary in a variety of ways, to include it in their own works. That is why both sculptors, watercolors and photographers worked during the open air " - added Brzęcki.

This year the invitation was accepted by: Jacek Łydżba, Sylwester Stabryła, Magdalena Szadkowska, Dorota Tołłoczko-Femerling, Adam Molenda, Jarosław Skutnik, Ela Barszcz, Grażyna Kielińska, Izabela Rudzka, Alicja Majewska, Tomasz Olszewski and Franciszek Kupczyk.

National Artistic Meeting "Identity of the place" in Licheń, lasting from 27. August will end on 4. September. The post-plein-air exhibition of artists' works will be on view at the "Water Tower" Center for Culture and Art in Konin, starting on November 30 this year. until January 11, 2019 next year.

The event is organized by the Center of Culture and Art in Konin with the participation of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń.

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