December 10, 2018 dedication of Christmas wafers.

During the Sunday sum, Fr. Janusz Kumala, MIC, blessed the wafers on the Christmas Eve table - a symbol of love and reconciliation. After the liturgy was over, the faithful present in the temple could take them home.

During the homily, the curator, referring to the mass readings, asked questions that each of us should ask ourselves: I am asking where am I, what path am I on? Is this the way that leads me to fully live with God in eternity? These are Advent thoughts that are supposed to make us happy that the world does not understand. God is the goal of my life. Only He is able to satisfy our thirst for happiness, which will last forever.

The Marian then referred to the Advent experienced in the Church, during which each of us must return to God. - Advent is to open our eyes to Jesus who comes to us every day through the sacraments. We are to wait for him every day; expect Him to come. As Jesus passes by, He notices us, He wants to come into our life and meet us. This meeting is the more fruitful the more we wait for Him - we love and miss Him Said the priest.

In the word the custodian of the Lichen shrine, he also referred to Mary, who is an example for us. From the moment of the Annunciation, the time of waiting for her began - to be born, to see Jesus face to face. - It is noteworthy that she looks forward to helping Elizabeth. This is a guideline for us as to how we should expect - by doing good, showing love and kindness to people. There is a need to build reconciliation and the forgiveness that is lacking - these are the tasks for us.

Marianin concluded his homily with the following words: Let us embrace everyone we love with our love and prayer. I encourage the wafer to be a sign of reconciliation, forgiveness and kindness in our families. I encourage you to send greetings to each other, to your loved ones, to friends, maybe not necessarily these sms poems from the Internet, but to write a few words of wishes and send and pray for those close to us. In this way we also prepare for Christmas, so that we can all rejoice and celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The culmination of the Sunday liturgy was the blessing of wafers, which we will share on Christmas Eve at the festive table.

After the end of the Eucharist, there was a concert entitled "Tota pulchra" performed by lichen organists: Mrs. Barbara Kaczor and Mr. Jacek Hyżny on the occasion of Saturday, December 9, the celebration of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary - patron of the Congregation of Marian Fathers.

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