The Marian Retreat "Surrounded by God's love" has come to an end

26 people from different parts of Poland during conferences delivered by Fr. Adam Stankiewicz, MIC, the vice-custodian of the sanctuary, had the opportunity to discover this truth, how much God loves us.

Fr. Stankiewicz argued that God's love is eternal, free, merciful and sacrificial. It is not something that needs to be earned. The participants discovering that they are loved by God like Mary, hear the invitation to cooperate with the Creator: “It depends on us whether we will remain with God. In the sacrament of holy baptism, God gives us the grace of faith. Jesus wants to be born in us spiritually. He wants to change us. He wants to give us his love " The Marian explained.

Maria and Zbigniew from Inowrocław belong to the Home Church on a daily basis. The couple already enjoys six children and six grandchildren. For them, intensive everyday life also involves taking care of a sick parent. The difficulties they had just experienced made them come to the retreat in Licheń. - "From the very first moments I feel at peace that the time of these retreats is time for us" - says Mrs. Maria. The topic of the retreat is close to their hearts. Involved for years in the life of the Church, they say that they feel God's love at every step - "We count on the fact that in the stagnation of everyday life, we will be able to recharge here" - adds Zbigniew - "From the very first conferences you can see that they are deep and accessible." What hit them most was the discovery that the Annunciation happens in everyone's life. “We all have access to the Word in the Eucharist by reading the Scriptures. God comes to us every day. Not just once. And every day we choose Him as Lord and Savior. "

Text and photos: Sanctuary Press Office

Participants of the retreat "Surrounded by God's love", August 20-23, 2021.

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