Retreat "In the School of St. Józefa ”for men only - a report

On the role of St. Joseph, which he played in the lives of Jesus and Mary, was discussed by the participants of the retreat, which took place on August 27-29 at the Marian Shrine in Licheń Stary.

- “I wanted to familiarize the retreatants with the role of St. Joseph as an example of a father and husband, and a man of prayer.
As is known, in the Holy Scriptures Joseph doesn't have a single word to say. However, he makes his presence felt in God's plan of salvation through his actions. We see St. Joseph who is silent when he meets Mary, during the birth of Jesus, during circumcision, during the sacrifice, and also at different moments when he watches, remains silent and carries the mystery of God in his heart " - explained Fr. Jarosław Hybza, MIC.
Mr. Marcin from Warsaw participated in the retreat, which was directed only to men. As he admitted, the decision to participate was a bull's-eye, because during four retreat conferences, he heard many valuable words that confirmed him on the chosen path, including regular confession, frequent participation in the Holy Mass. and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
- "The figure of St. Jozefa is unique. His silence is an eloquent sign for today's world, where the word is devalued. Today, the word, whether spoken or written, is present everywhere. In my opinion, there is even too much of it, which loses its importance, and we, as a society, are saturated with constant messages that reach us from everywhere. We need a sign of St. Joseph, who will be an icon for us on the way to God. It is possible to bear witness to God's mercy not through words, but through actions. As St. Józef ".
As Fr. Hybza, during the retreat, great emphasis was placed on the fact that men can also be people of interior, contemplation and prayer. - "We wanted to show St. Joseph as a just, faithful and obedient man. Dreams also play an important role in his life, through which he receives a specific call from God and he obeys this call. St. Joseph is a model of husband and father for us. We want to show him as a role model for today's difficult times - a man who is humble, leads an interior life, but is also diligent because he works hard to support his family ”.
The considerations and conferences were based on the Gospel passages about St. Józefie - according to St. Luke and Matthew. 17 men from all over the country took part in the retreat.
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Participants of the retreat "At St. Joseph's School", August 27-29, 2021.

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