XXI Dzień Papieski „Nie lękajcie się”

"Do not be afraid" is this year's slogan of the 21st Papal Day, which was celebrated in Poland on October 10.

„… uczmy się od Ojca Świętego postawy zawierzenia i ufności Bogu na wzór Maryi”

"Do not be afraid" is this year's slogan of the 21st Papal Day, which was celebrated in Poland on October 10. Also in Licheń, the person and work of St. John Paul II. It was prayed that thanks to the skill of encounter taught by St. John Paul II, were able to overcome all distrust, temptation of insults on a daily basis, and contributed to the growth of love, fidelity and forgiveness. Participants in the main Holy Mass in the Licheń basilica could receive new, unusual Licheń rosaries on the occasion of the month of the rosary.

Do not be afraid, spread the message of hope to everyone ...

“We look with love at the person of John Paul II, his entire work, asking him for intercession in our affairs and matters of our homeland. Let us learn from the Holy Father the attitude of entrustment and trust in God, following the example of Mary ", said Fr. Janusz Kumala, MIC, the curator of the sanctuary, starting the midday Mass.
During the liturgy, the Pastoral Letter of the Polish Episcopate for the 21st Papal Day was read. Polish bishops remind us that God "as the best Father is constantly interested in the lives of his children." The letter evokes the papal message of hope. Christ's call, "Do not be afraid!" it is also relevant today. The Church becomes a witness of hope fulfilling this call through concrete works of mercy, an example of which is the recently beatified Mother Elżbieta Róża Czacka, founder of the Society for the Protection of the Blind in Laski.

Do not be afraid, keep strong in faith ...

“We hope from Jesus that we can go through the experience of suffering, especially without guilt, because He is nailed on the other side of our cross. Only a personal encounter with Jesus, lived in the community of believers, can give us peace in the most difficult life situations, ”we read in the Letter.
“For us, Mary is the unattainable model of trust in God and fidelity to His will. They looked for hope in her and called her intercession to St. John Paul II and Bl. card. Stefan Wyszyński. They entrusted their lives and ministry to the Mother of the Redeemer in a dramatic time for the Church and the Fatherland. As a result, they remained united, despite hostile attempts to break up the Church. Mary reminds us not to lose hope, even when everything seems to conspire against us. God never lets us out of his hands and if we trust in Him, He will lead us through the most difficult experiences ”- emphasize the Polish bishops.
The letter on the occasion of the Papal Day also introduces the Foundation "The Work of the New Millennium", which is like "a" living monument "of gratitude to St. John Paul II ". "Every year, it cares for nearly two thousand talented pupils and students from poor families, from villages and small towns all over Poland." October 10 was the occasion for a collection in churches and public places to support this unique cause.
At the end of the Eucharist, the Custodian priest blessed the rosaries that pilgrims could take home to pray with this beautiful prayer in spiritual communion with the Licheń sanctuary. The rosaries are decorated with the image of Our Lady of Licheń and the apparition scene in the Grąblin forest. What is extraordinary, however, is the cross next to them - a faithful copy of the cross, which was shot by a German woman, Berta Bauer, during World War II in Licheń, trying to prove that God does not exist. On this occasion, Father Kumala recalled that St. During his pilgrimage to the sanctuary in 1999, John Paul II left a rosary as a votive offering, which is now placed next to the image of the Mother of God. The musical setting of the liturgy was provided by the musicians of the Sanctuary Brass Quintet.

Do not be afraid, God is Love ...

This Saturday, October 16, will be the 43rd anniversary of the election of Fr. card. Karol Wojtyla as Pope. This day can be an excellent occasion to visit the Chapel of St. John Paul II in the lower part of the basilica, where there are relics of the Holy Father's blood and memorabilia from his pilgrimage to the Licheń sanctuary in 1999. On this day, you will also be able to visit the papal apartments in the so-called the papal house where St. John Paul II during his stay in our sanctuary.
And next Friday, October 15, the Day of the Lost Children. Marian Fathers invite you to Mass. at. 19.00 to pray together for parents who have experienced their child's miscarriage.
Rosary placed next to the image of Our Lady of Licheń - a votive offering that John Paul II offered during his pilgrimage to the sanctuary in 1999

Text and photos: Sanctuary Press Office

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