36. Working People's Pilgrimage

On the feast of Our Lady of Częstochowa, the 36th Working People's Pilgrimage from Konin reached the Licheń sanctuary

36 Pielgrzymka Ludzi Pracy 1
The pilgrims of the 36th Working People's Pilgrimages set off from Konin

We want to remember these beautiful jubilees - the century of Poland regaining independence, but also the hundredth anniversary of the Wielkopolska Uprising, and that is why today we bring Mary a big thanksgiving for this gift, for the miracle of freedom.

June 26 this year on the feast of Our Lady of Częstochowa, the 36th Walking Pilgrimage of Working People from Konin reached the Licheń sanctuary. A group of 200 pilgrims prayed during the Holy Mass. at. 4 p.m. celebrated by Fr. Józef Wysocki, pastor of the parish of st. Wojciech in Konin. The motto of this year's Working People's Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Lichen was the following sentence: "With Mary in the service of God and the Fatherland."

Pilgrims in Licheń appeared at 15.00. At the monument of St. John Paul II, located in the vicinity of the parish church, welcomed them by Rev. Henryk Kulik, MIC, pastor of the Licheń parish. In his welcome word, Marianin expressed his joy that the pilgrims had come to Licheń for the 36th time.

The organizer of the pilgrimage, Mrs. Mariola Rakiewicz, head of the Catholic Action of the Włocławek diocese, explained that the pilgrimage on Konin is of a multi-generational nature, because their grandchildren also travel along with the pilgrims who have been taking part in it since the 1980s. This year's Working People's Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Licheń is also part of the celebrations of Poland regaining independence a hundred years ago.

During the procession to the entrance, the relics of Bl. Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko, chaplain of the Solidarity Trade Union. The homily during the Eucharist will be delivered by Fr. Zbigniew Cabański, pastor of the parish of Our Lady Queen of Poland in Konin.
In the word the priest referred to the Gospel according to St. John about Jesus' miracle at Cana in Galilee. He emphasized that God's blessing is realized through love. And the one who guards wisdom is Mary, who was the first to notice that there was no wine during the wedding ceremony:
"Mary is the house of wisdom. And it is good that working people have been making pilgrimages to this house for 36 years in order to learn wisdom in her home despite the changing structures and conditions of life. We learn it from Mary, who is always there where her children lack something, as at the wedding at Cana in Galilee " Said the priest.

After the Mass the priests gave individual blessings to the children before the start of the new year of study. Immediately after the end of the Eucharist, the participants of the pilgrimage went to the monument of Bl. Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko, located in the square in front of the basilica, where, after singing the national anthem, flowers and candles were laid, and a litany to the blessed was said.

The musical setting for this year's celebrations was prepared jointly by two choirs: "Soli Deo" from Konin, conducted by Mrs. Katarzyna Jaworska, and "Largo" from Radziejów, conducted by Mrs. Alina Czapiewska.


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