They thanked the volunteers in Licheń

On December 5, at the Hospice of st. Stanisław Papczyński in Licheń Stary, the Volunteer Day was celebrated. Volunteers, patients and hospice staff gathered in the hospice chapel to pray for those who selflessly support the hospice work of the Spem Donare foundation

Holy Mass Fr. Krzysztof Jagoda, MIC, accompanied by Fr. Julian Sztuczka, MIC. In the homily, the celebrant proposed to reflect on the essence of Advent and the figure of Mary. He noted that the second part of Advent tells about the second coming of Christ at the end of time, as indicated by the collections read during the liturgy. He also mentioned the fact that Mary is a simple girl from Nazareth, free from sin, of course, to whom God entrusted his Son. And we are invited to entrust ourselves to Mary and to God. In another thought, the priest turned his attention to Golgotha, where, as Mary said, she had lost God's motherhood. However, it was taken from her, so that she would open her heart even more to all humanity, for which Jesus asks from the Cross to become the mother of the Church. Jesus wants us to invite Mary into our lives - summed up the homilist.

Volunteers did not spare wide smiles and sincere hugs while giving each other the sign of peace. According to Urszula Kulig, the volunteer coordinator, the Licheń Hospice supports 36 people who not only directly share their hearts with the sick, but also help in other work.

Holy Mass in the hospice chapel

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