Spirit of love - "Come, Holy Spirit, I want ..."

On the Solemnity of Pentecost, gathered during the main Mass. at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń, thanked for the gifts of the Holy Spirit received during the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation, and thanked mothers during the Pilgrimage of Mothers to Our Lady of Licheń

"Thank you mom"

Mother's Day at the Mother's House, i.e. the nationwide pilgrimage of mothers to Our Lady of Lichen, became an occasion for heartfelt prayer for all mothers. - "Thank you, mother" - this is how we want to notice our own mothers today, first of all with a word of thanks - at the beginning of the homily, the curator of the Lichen shrine expressed his gratitude to the mothers who were called to motherhood, but long for their longed-for child; to those who have a new life under their hearts, especially when it is threatened; mothers who defend their lives despite their child's illness or difficult circumstances. Thanked for love and patience in converting mothers whose children depart from God; those who have come out of addiction or are raising children on their own. He also drew attention to religious sisters who, in their spiritual motherhood, embrace with prayer all they meet on the way of their vocation. 

Motherhood is a reflection of God's love for humanity, for each of us. The beauty of maternal life reflects the beauty of God. God wants the happiness of each of us and our closeness.

Today too, we invoke the Holy Spirit. We want to emphasize something extremely important: we need God and His Spirit, courage and unity, because we are powerless ourselves - emphasized Fr. Kumala. - Today, unity is at stake. There is still no agreement between us, commitment to the common good. Maybe because we have forgotten about the Holy Spirit? - prompted the curator of the sanctuary to reflect, stressing that when we call out to the Holy Spirit, we are calling for love and forgiveness towards ourselves. 

Let us not say that we are weak, but let us invoke the Holy Spirit

After the liturgy, the mother's words brought the gifts in a procession to the altar, and before giving God's blessing and sending out, the representative of the mothers entrusted their mothers to the protection of Our Lady of Licheń.

On Sunday, May 30, on the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity, the musical setting for the main Holy Mass. at. 12.00 will be provided by the choir and orchestra of the National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble "Mazowsze", followed by a concert entitled "Pearls of Sacred Music". On the same day, in front of the basilica, there will be a charity campaign called "Fields of Hope" for the Hospice of St. Stanislaus Papczyński in our sanctuary, caring for the sick and suffering, whose lives are approaching the end. The collection of victims into the cans will be carried out by students together with guardians from friendly schools, as well as volunteers of the Hospice. Each donor will receive an image of a daffodil - a symbol of remembrance of the terminally ill.

Lichen Stary, May 23, 2021

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