III National Day of Prayers for people living in non-sacramental relationships

People living in non-sacramental relationships were prayed for on Sunday, August 1, at the Marian Shrine in Licheń Stary. In the homily at the noon Mass celebrated in front of the Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Lichen, Fr. Janusz Kumala, MIC, the curator of the sanctuary, addressing people who live in such relationships, said: “You are in a good place; you are not on the margins of the Church, but you are in her heart ”.

During the homily, Fr. Janusz Kumala, MIC, expressed his joy at the large presence of the faithful on Sunday's sum. He emphasized that this is the visible action of the Holy Spirit who gathers us in the Eucharist. And Mary leads us to the cross, to Christ who, through his martyrdom and resurrection, opened the gates of heaven for us. - “We are heading towards him, and we are always led by the Mother of God, who is present in a special way in this sanctuary. In whatever situation we may find ourselves, She - the Sorrowful Mother - bows down to us, comforts us and leads us to the source of life and salvation, which is Jesus Christ. "

You are in the right place, it is good that you are here. You are not on the margins of the Church, but you are in her heart. The Church is all of us, it is a community that cares for one another, which is the Body of Jesus Christ - our Savior, who constantly leads us to Himself

Fr. Kumala noted that it often happens that people who are divorced do not feel needed in the Church when they live in a non-sacramental relationship. But these people are in the Church and, like everyone else, they need forgiveness, healing and salvation. They are also invited to listen to the word of God, participate in Holy Mass, pray, educate children in a Christian way, do good and engage in the life of the Church. "They must not be rejected and condemned, but embraced with mercy" - added.

The biggest problem, according to the curator, is the impermanence of marriages. He noted that married couples are unable to solve the difficulties that arise in their life together, which in turn leads to breakups and divorces. - "Married couples should constantly care for mutual love and abide in Christ, because He is the guarantor of the durability of the marriage relationship"- he stressed.

Referring to the Sunday Gospel, he encouraged: "May the stay in the sanctuary revive our longing for the Eucharist and bring us closer to brothers and sisters living in non-sacramental relationships who need our prayer and embrace, following the example of Christ. They must be understood, supported and accompanied on the way of salvation. Let this be a sign of our care for each other".

The Licheń sanctuary is a place where every Saturday during the evening Mass at. At 7.00 p.m., married couples can renew the oath taken on the wedding day as a sign of a deep and sincere resolve to persist in the sacramental marriage - for good or bad.

After the mass the faithful heard a concert of a patriotic song performed by the Sanctuary Brass Quintet on the 77th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. During the concert, the musicians performed the most famous patriotic pieces, including: Red poppies in Monte Cassino, Gray Infantry, The motherland does if The Warsaw Polonaise.

However, at At 5.00 p.m., that is exactly on the 77th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, we heard the voice of the bell "Mary the Mother of God", the largest bell in Poland, as a tribute to the heroic Warsaw insurgents of 1944.

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