III Pilgrimage of the Rosary Community

The Sanctuary is a place of meeting Jesus in the presence of the Mother. It is here that Mary encourages us to pray the rosary, because only this kind of prayer will make our life find a deeper meaning.

“God says if you stay with me, you will be happy; if you are united with me, you will have peace and joy in your heart. To find God, you need to find time for Him. And time for God is a time of prayer. "

Sunday Mass. at. 12.00 was celebrated by Fr. Janusz Kumala, MIC, custodian of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń. About 3 thousand people participated in the service. people. The mass was celebrated for the intention of the members of the Lichen Community of the Rosary.

In the homily, Fr. the curator emphasized that each of us wants to find happiness. And the only answer to our longing is God. The priest said that in the rush of everyday life, we forget about daily prayer. And today's rosary Sunday in Licheń draws our attention to the need for prayer - especially the rosary. 

A Polish family needs a rosary

Fr. Kumala drew the attention of the faithful to the rosary hanging on the right side of the Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Lichen, which was a gift from St. John Paul II, who made a pilgrimage to the Lichen sanctuary in 1999, and by giving the gift of the rosary, he encouraged people to pray the rosary.
- “The rosary is meditation on the mysteries of the life of Jesus and Mary. The rosary is a school of staying with God. It is a space where we consider the most important mysteries of our faith. And the sanctuary is a place of meeting Jesus in the presence of the Mother. Our Lady is encouraged to pray the rosary, because only this kind of prayer will make our life find a deeper meaning. When we find time to meet God in silence and concentration, then we will find Him in other people, in events, in the depths of our hearts, ”said the Custodian.

Families need to meet for daily prayer

Crises, difficulties and splits still appear in Polish families. - “This is because the family does not always live with God. It should meet for prayer together, every day, ”said Fr. Kumala, inviting us to defy the temptations of Satan, kneel together and pray together. He also spoke of signs that show our devotion and devotion to God. - “The first sign is the cross in our homes. This is where the family should gather for prayer. The second sign is the image of Our Lady at the Cross, who accompanies us in our daily lives and teaches us how to love Christ. The third sign is the book of Sacred Scripture, the reading and meditation of which is taught by the prayer of the rosary.

Speaking of the Licheń sanctuary, Fr. The curator said that it is a place of penance and reconciliation, but also a place of spiritual rest, referring to Christ's call from the Sunday Gospel: "Have a little rest". - “When we are spiritually refreshed, we do our work out of love for God and people. Not only to have the means for everyday life, but to show love for God and neighbor. "

Discover the presence of Christ in you

Fr. Kumala encouraged people to discover themselves in the presence of Christ. - “Let this Eucharist work a miracle in our lives. Let us be witnesses of the miracle on the altar, but also the miracle of the transformation of our heart. And let us go away, happy that we have met the God who touched our hearts. "

After the Mass priests, liturgical assistance and the faithful participating in the pilgrimage walked in a solemn procession along the alleys of the Lichen sanctuary, during which a copy of the Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Lichen and a rosary several meters high were carried. After the procession, Fr. Janusz Kumala, MIC, read the act of entrusting families to Our Lady of Licheń.
The musical setting of the Holy Mass. was provided by the Choir of the Licheń Basilica Stabat Mater, as well as the Sanctuary Wind Quintet.

Text and photos: Sanctuary Press Office

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