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Novena for high school graduates

W licheńskim sanktuarium w dniach 22-30 kwietnia br. odprawiana będzie nowenna w intencji maturzystek i maturzystów.

Intencje majowe

Podziękowania i prośby można dołączyć do 200 Mszy Świętych odprawianych w maju br. za przyczyną Matki Bożej Licheńskiej.

Requests and thanks can be made as follows:

  • Personally in the offices for Pilgrims:
    codziennie 9.00-16.30
    KANCELARIA SANKTUARIUM W BAZYLICE (entrance to the basilica under the main stairs)
    codziennie 8.30 – 18.00
  • By phone:
    (+48) 63 270 81 43, (+48) 63 270 81 56, (+48) 63 270 81 61
  • E mail:
  • Traditional mail:
    Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń
    Ul. Klasztorna 4
    62-563 Lichen Stary
  • By completing the form at the end of the page

Requests and thanks to Our Lady of Lichen

  • Every day Marian priests pray during Holy Masses celebrated in front of the miraculous image of Our Lady of Licheń at 7.30 and 12.00, for the intentions of pilgrims. Intentions should be submitted to the Chancellery for Pilgrims, which is located under the main stairs of the basilica. We invite you to include your requests and thanks in these Holy Masses. Let us entrust to Mary personal and family matters, as well as our homeland.
  • We pray for the deceased pilgrims and donors at Holy Mass. at. 4 p.m. 
  • Every Wednesday at 6.00 p.m. we pray for the sick, suffering and dying.
  • Every Saturday, also at 6.00 p.m., we pray for marriages and families, entrusting them to the protection of Our Lady of Lichen, Patroness of family happiness. Married couples who celebrate their marriage jubilees may at such a Mass participate. Then they renew their marriage vows and receive a special blessing and a commemorative diploma. We encourage married couples to participate personally in this Holy Mass.

Holy Gregorian Mass

  • Holy Masses According to the tradition of the Church, Gregorian is 30 individual Holy Masses celebrated daily for one deceased person throughout the month. This name comes from the name of Pope Gregory the Great. The faithful hope that God in his mercy through the intercession of St. Gregory will free the deceased from the punishment of purgatory.
  • We do not celebrate Gregorian Masses in the Licheń sanctuary. We only act as an intermediary in handing over such a mass to a priest serving in a given parish. We also inform about the date and place of such a mass. 
  • Ofiara jest ustalona i wynosi 1 800 zł.

Szczegółowe informacje: tel.: (63) 270 83 00

Individual Holy Mass

  • It is possible to order an individual Holy Mass for various intentions, for living or deceased people.
  • The waiting time for a mass to be celebrated may take up to several months.

An individual intention can be ordered as follows:

  • By phone:
    (+48) 63 270 81 43, (+48) 63 270 81 56, (+48) 63 270 81 61
  • E mail:
  • Traditional mail:
    Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń
    Ul. Klasztorna 4
    62-563 Lichen Stary
  • By completing the form at the end of the page


Intentions to Our Lady of Lichen and individual intentions

For health, God's blessing and needed favors for the family ...
For family consent ...
For a happy operation (procedure) for ...
A thanksgiving and pleading intention on the occasion of the jubilee of concluding the Sacrament of Matrimony for ...
For the grandson on the occasion of his birthday or name day
To find a job for ...
For conversion for ...
For release from addiction ... for ...
For the gift of changing life for ...
For the grace of offspring for ...
For propitiatory and rewarding for ... 
In the intention of the late [name of the deceased] 

Gregorian Mass

In the intention of the late deceased [name and surname]

Your victim

Please send the offering by bank transfer or bank transfer to the sanctuary's bank account.

Please provide your address details so that we can send you a confirmation.

Bank transfer details

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń
Ul. Klasztorna 4
62-563 Lichen Stary

Bank account number:
59 1320 1449 2769 6770 2000 0004
Bank Accounts: here

Fill out the form below and send it using the button SEND. 

  • Enter the text of your intention - you can use the examples of intentions provided above.
  • Enter the declared amount of the victim and then enter your details: name and surname, exact address details with a telephone number. 
  • After receiving the form, we will contact you.
  • After arranging the details, we will send you a confirmation by traditional mail, on a souvenir picture.

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