The next edition of the retreat "The bottomless Eucharist and a recipe for life" took place in Licheń

Retreat "Eucharist, bottomless well" is divided into two parts. On December 3-5 this year. their second part took place. The topics of individual conferences concerned the translation of the attitude of thanksgiving and sacrifice resulting from the meeting with Jesus in the Eucharist into everyday life.

Fr. Sławomir Homoncik, MIC, conductor of the "Eucharist - a bottomless well and a recipe for life"

Being with Jesus in the Upper Room, as well as meeting the Risen One - these are the images that the participants of the "Eucharist - bottomless well and a recipe for life" were looking at. 19 retreatants took part in the next, second edition of the retreat. The meeting led by Fr. Sławomir Homoncik, MIC, took place on the first weekend in December. During this edition, the participants reflected on the values that the Eucharist brings to their everyday lives. Through contemplation of the Word, an effort was made to develop the skills of thanksgiving, self-sacrifice, recognizing the needs of other people, as well as accepting difficult experiences and looking for joy in the realities of everyday life.

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Text and photos: Sanctuary Press Office

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