Prayer for the parents of lost children

According to statistics, up to 40,000 miscarriages occur in Poland every year. Remembering about prematurely deceased children, Marian Fathers on Saturday, July 11, invited the faithful to pray for them and their parents.

God, together with Mary, the Sorrowful Mother, we pray for parents who have lost their children prematurely. Let Your love heal their wounds, so that despite the pain they can accept Your will in everyday life (...) take to Your Home children who died before birth

During the noon concelebrated mass presided over by Fr. Bogusław Binda, MIC, the superior of the Lichen religious community of priests and Marian brothers, the above words of prayer were heard in the Lichen basilica.

It is Our Lady of Sorrows who can most welcome them and understand what they are going through after losing their child - noted Fr. Binda. - Many mothers experience pain and sadness in their hearts, they do not agree with what happened - they ask why I lost this baby. Today we come to the one who is Our Lady of Sorrows. She really wants to help us and does it in difficult and painful situations. The homily emphasized that sadness and disaffection are natural feelings in such situations, adding - Remember that we are not left alone with this pain, with this sadness, mourning ... let's give it back today - encouraged Fr. Bogusław, assuring that the gathered people prayed also for parents who lost their children and are not present in the Licheń temple.

After the mass, several dozen people took advantage of the possibility of lighting a candle at the altar steps. This gesture was an expression of prayer for the lost children and their parents. Lost Children's Day is celebrated on October 15. It was also then that the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń remembers the lost children and their parents.

Lichen Stary, July 11, 2020   

Text: Justyna Zacharek, Sanctuary Press Office

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