Marian altar servers in Licheń

The 25th jubilee meeting of altar servers, which took place on November 16-18 at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń, was an opportunity for spiritual renewal, as well as for deepening knowledge and integration in the fitness competition of nearly 200 young people from 13 Marian parishes in Poland.

The theme of the meeting was in line with the pastoral year "Filled with the Holy Spirit", in connection with it, Fr. On the first day, Tomasz Sadłowski, MIC introduced the altar boys to the spiritual experience of the convention in Licheń, on that day there was also an occasion for the confession of St.

On Saturday morning, altar boys participated in a knowledge tournament for three age categories: Group I - primary school to grade VI - focused on the life of St. Stanisław Kostka, group II - grades VII-VIII of primary school and middle school - could demonstrate knowledge of fragments from Youcatu on the Holy Spirit, while the third group, from high school, answered questions related to the fragment. Catechism of the Catholic Church, also regarding the Holy Spirit. The last two groups participated in the tournament with the help of the Kahoot program, thanks to which they could quickly and conveniently answer questions on their smartphone. - After the knowledge tournament, all the altar boys, courtesy of the curator of the sanctuary, could enter the tower of the Licheń basilica, and from 16 at the gymnasium of the Primary School in Licheń, during a fitness tournament, they could compete in approx. 18 categories - these were, among others jumping rope, board (front supports on the forearms), throws to the basket, push-ups or squats - informed Fr. Rafał Krauze, MIC, youth and vocation chaplain in the Congregation of Marian Fathers, organizer of the meeting.

This year, for the first time, all altar boys were able to take part in the competition - knowledge or fitness tournament, previously only parish representatives who worked on the general classification of the parish could take part in the game. - It is important for us that the new formula has worked, and the altar servers have even asked for an extension of the fitness tournament, a great commitment was evident - said Fr. Krauze. The first place in this year's competition was won by the Rdzawka parish, the second ones were taken by the parishes of Licheń, Marymont, and SKKEC, and the third place was taken by the Góra Kalwaria parish. The announcement of the results was very solemn - a balloon related to the jubilee of the meetings towered over the participants, and confetti shot up into the air.

During the weekend retreats for altar servers there was plenty of time for prayer. On Saturday and Sunday, the young people participated in the solemn liturgy of the Holy Mass, engaging in liturgical assistance, and the priests who came with their wards preached the Word of God.

Altar servers from Marian parishes meet twice a year - in Licheń and Skórc.

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