The night of the fight for a blessing for Poland, 6/7 August 2021.

Several thousand people gathered in the Licheń basilica during the "Fight Night for the Blessing for Poland" entrusted themselves and Poland to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The culminating moment was the night Eucharist ended with a procession with the Blessed Sacrament.

We are so beautifully gathered here to fight for a blessing for Poland. We are aware that neither of us is here by chance. We gather in a special way around this temple to pray for our homeland. Each of us was brought here by the Mother of God. We will be a spiritual support for each other in this prayer, in this spiritual battle all night long.

Wydarzenie organizowane przez wzspólnotę „Wojownicy Maryi” i ks. Dominika Chmielewskiego SDB, rozpoczął Apel Maryjny w piątek, 6 sierpnia o godzinie 21.00. “God fell in love with man. Each of us is important to him. He tells us - I have a unique plan for you, which is to lead you to holiness, so that you can rejoice with Mary Immaculate in the glory of her Son " - said Fr. Adam Stankiewicz, MIC, vice-custodian of the Lichen sanctuary - “To respond to God's love is to let His will and plan be fulfilled in our lives. We want Mary to accompany us constantly. Today we want to ask her for the gift of freedom in fulfilling God's will, the gift of sticking with the heart to the heart of God. "

Podczas nocnego czuwania zanoszono modlitwy za wstawiennictwem św. Jana Pawła II, św. s. Faustyny czy bł. Jerzego Popiełuszki i wielu innych świętych wymienionych w litanii Narodu Polskiego a także dusz czyśćcowych. Wzywano także wstawiennictwa Michała Archanioła. Modlono się m. in. w intencji rządzących, kapłanów, biskupów, zniewolonych i uzależnionych a także o ducha prawdy i rozeznania. Po modlitwie rodziców za dzieci, uczestnicy poprzez rozważania mieli okazję podczas „Godziny Ogrójca” przeżyć z Chrystusem Jego mękę w opuszczeniu.
Holy Mass is scheduled for midnight. "We pray tonight for a powerful new outpouring of your love Jesus in our hearts because your love exorcises and removes every fear from our lives" - said Fr. Dominik Chmielewski SDB - “One cannot build unity on lies, only on the truth. That is why we especially cry to you, Mary Mother of Families, pray for every Polish family that they open their hearts to the truth of the Gospel, and from it the truth about our present reality. "

“Today we need to cry out to God who is our Father as never before. Therefore, this Eucharist, which I will be offering for the revelation of the love of God the Father " - said the Salesian, starting the liturgy of the Holy Mass he presided over. “Is it your greatest passion for life to walk in God's blessing? To be completely surrendered to God's blessing? Do you want to get God's blessing prepared before the foundation of the world? " - Fr. Chmielewski.

Procession with the Blessed Sacrament, August 7, 2021.

Referring to the Old Testament story of Jacob, the priest said: "God's blessing is the most important thing. As God's blessing worked in Jacob's heart, he went through all sorts of hardships, but nothing broke him. God's power was at work so powerfully in him. He is aware that God is with him, he does what God tells him to do. At the same time, he focuses on the circumstances that make him panic, 'said Fr. Dominik.
“Destructive circumstances on the outside take control of what I have inside. Yet the Word of God says do not be afraid, the greater is He who is in you than the one who is outside. This is perhaps the experience of many of us today, many Poles who pray every day and begin to fear and do not see that the One they feed on with Body and Blood is God almighty, not a little-able ” - said the Salesian, emphasizing that fear tempts to compromise with evil. The priest emphasized that many people today do not want to know the truth, because they would have to confront it, which can take them out of the comfort of life.
"You know what courage is?" Fr. Chmielewski - "It is a prayerful fear. Do you want to be brave? Start praying. People who experience destructive circumstances in their lives avoid suffering. The only way to go through fear is prayer " - he said, quoting the Servant of God, Card. Stefan Wyszyński: "Easy life is the greatest enemy of modern Poland".

He emphasized that in the Licheń basilica there is a night of struggle for the splendor of the truth so that we can live in it, although it may be difficult for us and require effort. "Today we need Our Lady to lead us from the comfort zone to such a discipline of spiritual struggle, to strengthen ourselves in prayer and intimacy with God, to know Him as we have never known Him before. "

At the end of the Eucharist in the basilica, the Blessed Sacrament was carried in procession in silence. The procession was symbolic and referred to the biblical account of the city of Jericho.

The Israelites were commanded by God to encircle Jericho seven times in complete silence. They were then to utter a mighty shout of victory. Consequently, the walls of Jericho - never before conquered by anyone - collapsed. In the basilica, the borders of Poland were symbolically circled, praying that all evil would collapse under the power of the Name of Jesus. Instead of a shout, those gathered with power sang "Te Deum" - the hymn "We praise you God." The event ended with the singing of the song "Bogurodzica".

We trust steadfastly that your merciful gaze will rest on our worries and our afflictions, that it will embrace our struggles and our weaknesses. Desiring to receive Your protection, and through You to receive from God strength and perseverance in goodness, in the midst of hardships and adversities and all dangers, today we entrust ourselves, our families and all of Poland with our authorities, clergy and all fellow countrymen around the world to Your Immaculate Heart. . We are all yours, today and all the days of our lives

The organizers of the meeting, the Warriors of Mary, are a male Marian community that was established during the periodical formation meetings in Ląd. Salesian, Fr. Dominik Chmielewski SDB is the spiritual guardian of the community. The members of the movement undergo permanent formation so that, after prior verification, they can proceed to the solemn entrustment of the so-called Sword Fitting, held once a year.

Text and photos: Sanctuary Press Office

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