Preparation for general confession

On September 17-20, 21 people, including 4 married couples, participated in the retreat in preparation for general confession at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń.

The aim of the retreats in preparation for the general confession is to lead the participants to the meeting with God's mercy, so that they can confess their sins. - Especially those who did not confess before because of shame, fear, or neglected the sacrament of confession, and now want to confess honestly everything that is on their mind. Often they are grave and fatal sins that relate to sexual matters, abortion, marital relations or, for example, theft. It is a heavy burden on the conscience - said Fr. Jarosław Hybza, MIC, leader of the retreat.

Participants confess their gravest sins from childhood, through youth, up to the present time. The retreat is aimed at those who have gone astray but turned to God, as well as those who have always tried to be close to God. Older people who are at the end of their lives also need to take stock of the past time. - It is very advisable that at some stage a person should discover the need to make a general confession, summarize his life. But it is certainly not for those who deal with the same sins over and over again. It is a lack of faith in God's mercy, a sin against the Holy Spirit. General confession consists in the denunciation of sins not yet confessed - emphasized the Marian.


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