Rekolekcje „Być dla innych jak Maryja”, 11-13 czerwca

"To be for others like Mary" - in a meeting led by Fr. Dr. Janusz Kumala, MIC, the curator of the Sanctuary, was attended by 15 people from all over Poland

Participants of the Retreat "To be for others like Mary"

During the retreat, which took place at the Ark pilgrim's house, biblical scenes were observed, including a wedding at Cana in Galilee, Mary's being with the disciples in the Upper Room or the scene of Jesus' crucifixion. “Mary is completely devoted to Christ - this is an exemplary relationship for us. Due to the fact that she is all Christ, she can be whole for people. The source of our relationship to people is our relationship to Christ "- explains Fr. Janusz Kumala, MIC. “Jesus, speaking about the commandment of love, spoke to all of us and to all situations in our life, not only the easy ones. Love is our weapon that affects our relationships even when we don't see it. Love makes us stay with someone regardless of difficulties and circumstances ”- said the priest explaining the importance of our loving presence on the example of Our Lady standing under the cross.

Mrs. Genowefa from Żarki-Letnisko took part in the retreat at the sanctuary for the third time. She came to Licheń with her family: daughter, granddaughters and cousin. As they themselves assure, they already have a longer tradition of joint pilgrimage. This time the subject of the retreat was chosen by Marta - U, a daughterI believe that relationships with other people are at the heart of our lives - explains the participant - The first meeting during the retreat was very important to me when I heard that the Latin word 'I am' also means help. Such simple things can change a lot in our perception and life.

One of the participants, Mr. Jerzy from Szczecin, has been coming to Licheń for many years -…to pray not only for family, friends and priests. I am on this retreat to express my gratitude to the Mother of God for her protection. Licheń is a Marian oasis that bears great fruit. The topics discussed during the retreat were very edifying, faith-strengthening and apostolic joyful.                 

Lichen Stary, June 13, 2021

Text: Sanctuary Press Office

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