„Śmierć-bramą życia” – rekolekcje dla wolontariuszy hospicyjnych

Hospice volunteers from all over Poland came to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń to better prepare for the service of the sick by meeting Christ and other people.

Hospice for them. st. Stanisław Papczyński in Licheń Stary

Sixteen people deepened their spirituality through prayer, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, meditation on the Word of God, but also enriched themselves through the exchange of experiences. - Retreats are an occasion of mutual strengthening and sharing, in order to go to sick people in their communities with new enthusiasm and grace - said Fr. Krzysztof Jagoda, MIC, chaplain of the Hospice st. Stanisław Papczyński at the Licheń sanctuary. Fr. Jagoda conducted conferences on service to the sick based on the statements of the Fathers of the Church and of St. Józef, patron of good death. The retreaters also had the opportunity to see the film about Bl. Chiara Luce Badano, who died of cancer and despite her young age, was well prepared to meet Jesus.

Asia Borys from St. Callistus in Tychy admitted that these retreats were God's educational lesson for her. She was constantly accompanied by the Gospel passage: "Whoever has ears, let him hear." - Each person has his own great value, he is a child of God. The sick person we serve is important and unique. It doesn't matter if he's nice or not. We love him as if we would like to be treated ourselves. It is enough to hold the hand and be, it is a special time for the sick person when he leaves, and in fact a new life begins for him. - she shared. - Let's enjoy life to the end. Suffering is difficult, but we can also offer it to God, suffer with Christ - convinces the volunteer.

Antoni Chudzikowski lost his son himself, who died of leukemia at the age of 4. It was a painful trauma for my father. Years later, he transported the president of the hospice in a bus and thus participated in a training course on caring for children suffering from cancer. - I was the first man to volunteer at the hospice in Tychy. I signed up for training thanks to my son - said Antoni Chudzikowski.
Volunteers also came to the retreat from Silesia, from St. Padre Pio in Puck, from the Home Hospice of St. Józef in Ostrów Wielkopolski. Lichen volunteers also participated in the retreat.

If you want to become a volunteer in the Licheń hospice, please contact Urszula Kulig, the volunteer coordinator: tel. (63) 270-86-04 or 665-600-529; e-mail: 

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Text and photos: Sanctuary Press Office

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