Meeting of the Families at the Mother's House

That all families may be places of growth in faith, wisdom and grace with God and people, it was prayed during the Meeting of Families with Jesus at the Mother's House, which took place on Sunday, August 9 in the Lichen basilica.

Mary is the mother of the One who, on the Cross, reveals God's infinite love through suffering, the cross and the resurrection. The final word is the Cross, Golgotha - through this event, Jesus wants to convince us how much we are loved by God. Mary, in the sign of the lichen image, leads us to Golgotha, so that we may experience a spiritual transformation there thanks to God's mercy. There is no other place where you can experience God's love and happiness. Here we can see that someone loves us immeasurably and unconditionally. God is the Giver of just such love. When we accept it, a beautiful and happy family is formed

Over 2,000 pilgrims participated in the main Holy Mass celebrated at 12.00 in front of the Miraculous Picture of Our Lady of Lichen by Fr. Janusz Kumala, MIC, the curator of the Sanctuary. Prayer extended to all families, especially those at risk of various difficulties, asking that, with God's help, they would find the way to unity and true love. Marianin recalled in his homily that 170 years ago, Mary appeared in the Grąblin forest to the shepherd Mikołaj Sikatka, the father of the family, and explained to the gathered people the message of the Lichen icon depicting Mary - Patroness of family happiness.

Stressing that it is the Mother of God who leads us to the source of love, the Marian explained that Mary's closed eyes, which can be seen in the Miraculous Election, are of great importance. The icon shows the Mother of God focused, with a thoughtful and reflective face. "It is the face of a man of prayer" - said the homily, emphasizing that it is an invitation to daily, common prayer in the family. 

Another detail of the lichen image discussed by Fr. Kumala is Mary's bent head, which can be interpreted as a desire to better hear us and God - “It is a delicate gesture of Our Lady listening to all of us. He wants to hear even the softest whispers, uttered even with pain or shame. It is a light for each family to be able to listen to each other in this way. This gesture is also characteristic of the attitude of the servant-handmaid. It is a biblical word that shows the beauty of a dedicated man. Service to one another ensures happiness in the family " Said the custodian of the Lichen sanctuary.

Marianin concluded his homily with an appeal to the gathered people "Courage. I am. Do not be afraid - let these words of today's Gospel be remembered by us. Let us take this news to our families while we are in thus witnesses of Jesus whom we meet in this Eucharist ".

After the Holy Mass, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament took place, before which a blessing for families was prayed. The celebrant gave the assembled a Eucharistic blessing, and after the liturgy, families willing to receive a copy of the image of Our Lady of Lichen, and could take the opportunity to take a photo on the steps of the basilica.

... you have to kneel before God, entrust your affairs to ignite everyday love

This Sunday, August 16, the Sanctuary will host the Day of Prayers for Childless Married Couples who want offspring for the gift of motherhood and fatherhood for them. August 16 will also be a Day of solidarity with the people of Beirut in Lebanon. On Saturday, August 15, Marian priests invite you to experience the indulgence together on the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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