For people with disabilities

Lifts in the basilica

There are lifts for disabled people on the right and left side of the basilica on the ground floor. You can get there from the entrances to the right and left of the main stairs of the basilica. People using the elevators will get to the level of the main nave of the basilica (1st floor), where the miraculous painting of the Mother of God is located.

Ramp for disabled people

On the west side of the basilica, a special ramp was built for disabled people in wheelchairs. People using the driveway will get to the level of the main nave (1st floor).

Wheelchair rental

We offer the option of renting a wheelchair for the duration of your stay at the sanctuary. Trolleys are located at the gatehouses at the entrance gates to the sanctuary:

  • concierge at the entrance from ul. Klasztorna (parking lot B)
  • portiernia przy wjeździe do Domu Pielgrzyma „ARKA” (parking A)
  • concierge at the entrance from ul. Toruńska (parking lot E)  

Before renting a stroller, you should prepare a valid identity document and fill out a form on the basis of which the receptionist issues the stroller.

The form can be downloaded here and complete before renting the stroller.

Regulations of renting a wheelchair

  1. Hiring a stroller is free of charge.
  2. It is not possible to book a pram in advance.
  3. The stroller must be returned to the place of rental.
  4. In the event of damage to the stroller or its loss, the borrower covers the costs of repairing or buying a new stroller.

Ramp for disabled people 


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