Do you remember Jesus' parable of the sower (Mark 4: 1-20)? Only those grains that fall fertile on the soil produce a harvest. Jesus says that they are those who "hear the word" and "receive it" (Mark 4:20).

Lent is the perfect time to become fertile land. How to do it? Let us begin by identifying those areas of our lives where we turn our backs on God and reject His word. An examination of conscience will help us in this. Then let us accept Jesus' forgiveness in the sacrament of reconciliation. The healing power of His mercy will fertilize the "soil" of our souls so that we can bear fruit for the Kingdom of God!


  • Do I love God above all else, or do I let other values take first place in my heart that become my driving force - such as money, popularity, success, and self-image?
  • Are there areas in my life that I am hiding from God? Hidden places that I don't want to expose to the light of His love?
  • Do I disrespect God's name by using it to respond to my anger or frustration?
  • Do I maintain my relationship with God by praying and reading the Scriptures?
  • Do I faithfully worship the Lord on the holy day by participating in the Holy Mass?


  • Am I gossiping? Do I share information that has been entrusted to me in confidence?
  • Is there anyone I should apologize to? Is there anyone I should forgive?
  • Do I love the poor and do all I can for them, even if it costs me?
  • Do I practice mercy and compassion, or do I make exorbitant demands on others?
  • Do I envy others their position or property? Have I not appropriated something that does not belong to me?
  • By succumbing to anger, have I not hurt others by hurtful words? Do I pray for those whom I consider my "enemies"?
  • Have I cheated or lied? Did I not protect my reputation at the expense of others?
  • Have I not committed unclean sins? Did I not treat others as objects and not as precious in God's eyes?