God's Gypsies in Licheń

A group of seven of God's Gypsies came to the Marian Sanctuary in Licheń Stary to give thanks for another year of sobriety. Every year they make pilgrimages from Gdynia to Jasna Góra, commanding themselves, their problems and concerns to Our Lady, praying and asking for persistence in sobriety. This year it is the 32nd Pilgrimage of God's Gypsies.

The Gypsies of God appeared at the Licheń sanctuary in the late afternoon of Monday, May 24. This year's pilgrimage was attended by 7 people for various reasons. One of the participants was Mr. Ryszard. As he emphasized, this year's pilgrimage took place in a slightly different form - not on foot, but by car. The pilgrim added that this year's trip is a thank you for 32 years of grace and the possibility of making pilgrimages to various Polish shrines. During their trip from Gdynia, the pilgrims will visit, among others Toruń, Licheń, Sieradz, and finally reach Jasna Góra.

The community of God's Gypsies currently numbers 40 people. It was established in 1988. Pilgrims prayed in the Lichen basilica during the May service celebrated in front of the miraculous image of Our Lady of Lichen. During their stay at the feet of Our Lady of Lichen, they visited the basilica and the sanctuary.

Lichen Stary, May 25, 2021

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