You received for free, give for free

- Christ chooses us volunteers, gives us strength and says: "You go and heal" - said Fr. Michał Popowski MSF during the Holy Mass. of thanksgiving for the service of volunteers in the Hospice of St. Stanisław Papczyński in Licheń.

On the International Volunteer Day, December 5, in the Church of St. Dorota at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń, hospice volunteers thanked for being called to serve other people and prayed for a quick return to contact with patients, which was prevented by the pandemic. - Christ says: "the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few." And he chooses people, apostles. He chooses you, chooses us and says: "Go and heal". We cannot enter the hospice today and fulfill ourselves as volunteers, but we do not cease to be volunteers when we leave the hospice. The desire for service is within us. We carry them out in our homes, among friends - said Fr. Michał Popowski MSF, alumni prefect at the Major Seminary of the Missionaries of the Holy Family in Kazimierz Bishop.

Małgorzata Skoczylas-Błaszczyk, a resident of Licheń and a teacher at ZS CKU in Konin, became a volunteer at the hospice a year and a half ago. - I have matured for volunteering for a long time. During a pandemic, I try to get involved in a different way, recently, during a campaign for the hospice, we planted daffodils with students. We want to do something for the hospice, everyone has a little bit of goodness. It's more fun to give. I give once and multiples come back. We have a life full of goodness, there is something to be thankful for - says Małgosia.

Clerics from Kazimierz Biskupi visit the Licheń hospice every Tuesday. - It is a very enriching experience for us. We meet Christ in suffering man. This service builds us up and strengthens us. I appreciate her very much and I like coming to the hospice to be with other people. We certify through various actions, incl. pilgrimages of volunteers from Lichen to the monastery in Kazimierz - says the seminarian Jakub Dziurgot.

After the Eucharist, the volunteers were thanked for their sacrifice by Urszula Kulig, the coordinator of volunteering at the Licheń hospice. - I am very glad to see you. On behalf of the entire hospice team, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your service this year. Thank you for your love, prayer and care. For declarations that you can't wait to come back to the hospice. We, too, look forward to your presence among us. We wish you to open your heart to God's power so that you will have the strength to serve. That you never doubt that your ministry is meaningless. You are very much needed, the difficult time of the pandemic has shown that your place in the hospice is irreplaceable. We are waiting for you - said Urszula Kulig and gave the volunteers gingerbread, donated by students of the Secondary School No. 2 in Konin.

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