This service commemorates the events that took place during the Lord's Way of the Cross, from the condemnation by Pilate's tribunal to Calvary.

I - Jesus is condemned to death

P. We bow to You, Lord Jesus Christ, and we bless You.

IN. You deigned to redeem your world through the Cross and Passion.
(Repeat this call at every station)

reflection: Jesus accepts the sentence in silence. How do I react to condemnation and criticism?

II - Jesus takes up the cross

reflection: Do I bear my crosses in union with the cross of Christ?

III - Jesus falls for the first time

reflection: It was under the weight of my sins that Jesus fell to the ground.

IV - Jesus meets his Sorrowful Mother

reflection: Is my devotion to the Mother of Christ as it should be?

V - Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry the cross

reflection: Unlike Simon, I am not ready to carry the cross with Jesus.

VI - Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

reflection: By supporting the poor, I can help Jesus and console Him in His suffering.

VII - Jesus falls a second time

reflection: It was my unrepentant sins that made Jesus fall again.

VIII - Jesus consoles the weeping women

reflection: May Jesus grant me the grace to mourn my sins.

IX - Jesus falls for the third time

reflection: Lord, give me the grace to overcome my bad habits that keep me falling into sin.

X - Jesus is stripped of his garments

reflection: Strip me, Lord, out of attachment to earthly things.

XI - Jesus is nailed to the cross

reflection: May my heart be nailed to the cross of Jesus and never be separated from His love.

XII - Jesus dies on the cross

reflection: Jesus died for me. Am I trying to live for Jesus?

XIII - Jesus is taken down from the cross

reflection: May the Mother of Christ intercede for us at the hour of death.

XIV - Jesus is laid in the tomb

reflection: May I die for the world and for myself to rise gloriously with Christ.