Holy Mass for teachers, educators and catechists

Prayers for teachers, educators and educators were made on Sunday, September 19 in the Licheń sanctuary. The main Holy Mass for them was celebrated by Fr. Janusz Kumala, MIC, custodian of the Lichen sanctuary.

"Today we want to embrace in a special way our prayer, memory and kindness of teachers, educators and catechists who work to educate the young generation every day."

During the liturgy, the faithful prayed for the gifts of the Holy Spirit for those responsible for educating young people, so that they would wisely and prudently support children and young people in their spiritual and intellectual development.
- "Today we want to embrace in a special way with our prayer, memory, kindness of teachers, educators, catechists who work every day to educate the young generation," said Fr. Janusz Kumala, MIC - September is the time when the next stage of their work begins, which is neither easy nor ordinary. This way of serving should be understood in terms of a vocation. To be a good educator, you must have a vocation. This means that you have to accept this profession from the hands of God as an invitation to do something extremely important - He entrusts a human being to them. Just as he entrusted the new existence to his parents, he also, to some extent, entrusts it to educators. Teachers are parents' collaborators in bringing up people. Today we want to emphasize the extremely important role of all those who deal with educating young people on a daily basis. "

Fr. Janusz Kumala, MIC, September 19, 2021

Fr. Kumala encouraged us to look at the issue of education through the prism of the Gospel passage we are reading today (Mk 9: 30-37), where in the person of Jesus we can see a teacher and educator. Today, the Sunday liturgy of the Word shows us Christ speaking about the difficult. Formation and upbringing, on the other hand, are a constant spiritual process. 
- “You must not be afraid to take up difficult topics and questions that students ask their teachers. You must not let go of the answer "- emphasized the curator priest -" sometimes you do not know the answers to the questions of a young man. We don't always have answers to all your questions. It takes a lot of humility to say: I don't know, I can't answer that question. To support means to be responsible for the entrusted person and to teach, above all, the wisdom of life. School is not just about imparting knowledge. This is only part of the teacher's mission. You have to teach wisdom as well as a beautiful life. God created us different in order to enrich us with diversity. Even the color of the eyes and fingerprints are unique, let alone the character. Diversity should help people get to know each other. This is to be taught by teachers, educators, so that a young person learns to get to know himself in relation to another person and to be able to admire another person. The attitude of service to others can only be conveyed through your own example - a humble attitude. Young people are sensitive, for example. "

God, who is the first educator, was asked to carry out his educational work through the teachers he had called, blessing them for each day of their ministry.

At the end of the Holy Mass, an occasional prayer was read: "Father infinitely good, you made teachers able to lead children and young people on the path of learning the truth in various areas of knowledge. Help them also become true authorities for their students in the field of morality and faith. "

The liturgy was accompanied by songs performed by the Brass Band of the Volunteer Fire Brigade from Majdan Sieniawski. The ensemble, conducted by Michał Rydzik, performed with the soloist, Weronika Kierepka. After the Mass musicians from Podkarpacie gave a concert in front of the basilica for pilgrims gathered there.

This Friday in Licheń there will be a pilgrimage of young people from 8 years of primary schools from the diocese of Włocławek. Holy Mass at 12.00 will be chaired by Fr. Bishop Krzysztof Wętkowski, diocesan bishop of Włocławek. Saturday, September 25, will be the Marrow Donor Day at the sanctuary under the slogan "Give a chance for a new life". On Saturday, also in Licheń, will be held the National Day of Recollection of Saint Charbel worshipers with the participation of Fr. Andrzej Siemieniewski and the Lebanese Maronite monks from the Shrine of Saint Charbel in Lebanon. Holy Mass in the Maronite rite it will be celebrated at 5.00 p.m. Detailed information at the Pilgrim Service Office.

Next Sunday, September 26, we will celebrate the 169th anniversary of the transfer of the image of Our Lady of Licheń from Grąblin Forest to Licheń, i.e. the anniversary of the establishment of the Lichen sanctuary. Marian Fathers invite you to the main Mass. at. 12.00.

Text and photos: Sanctuary Press Office

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