"Mercy heals the world" - said Fr. Janusz Kumala, MIC on Divine Mercy Sunday during the main Holy Mass in the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Licheń at 12.00.

We gather in this holy place on an extraordinary day when the Catholic Church wants to proclaim the good news about God who is Mercy, to show His true face 

On the second Sunday of Easter, Fr. Kumala, custodian of the Lichen sanctuary. According to the priest, man has a problem with seeing the true face of God, which is the source of his rebellion and problems. The face of God who is Love is obscured by human images or sin.
“This Good News resounds constantly in the Church, the essence of the Christian message about God is recalled: God is the one who gives us life and cares for it! He cares about each of us! He has always loved us and wants to love us for all eternity, "emphasized the Marian," Sometimes we are focused on what is bad, what is trailing behind us, not realizing that God does not see us in this way. He sees the most beautiful in us. He does not look at our sins, even the greatest evil deeds, but he sees us as a beloved child and will do everything to save us, to give us eternal life, because he created us for this. "
Fr. Kumala noticed that Mary, too, constantly proclaims mercy, leading to the Source, which is Jesus Christ, the Risen One. According to the Marian, this is the role of Mary in the Licheń sanctuary, where in 1850 she called for conversion during the apparitions in the Grąblin forest. As he emphasized in the homily, "Many pilgrims met the merciful God under the watchful eye of this Mother."
"Let us not hesitate to come to Him!" - encouraged the preacher - "In the sacrament of penance and reconciliation I can experience God's Mercy again. I can experience that I need His grace and love to arise. Jesus sends us to share this experience of forgiveness. This is the strength of the Church that God forgives our sins. The more we live by faith, the more we discover an invaluable treasure. We are witnesses to each other, even if we do not speak. The world we live in needs healing, God's presence. Let us be Apostles of Divine Mercy through our presence, our prayer and our love, ”the custodian of the Lichen sanctuary called.

In the Licheń basilica at At 3 p.m. the Chaplet of Divine Mercy was prayed for the end of the epidemic, for the sick, the dead and their families, as well as for those who are fighting the epidemic.

On April 11, the patronal feast of CARITAS was celebrated, encouraging people to look for opportunities to join initiatives to help those in need. The starting week is the National Week of Mercy. In the Licheń sanctuary, these will be days of prayer and support of the Hospice. St. Stanisław Papczyński. Information on how to help the facility can be obtained from the Pilgrim Service Office or on the hospice's website.

This coming Tuesday, April 13, will be the 150th anniversary of the birth of Bl. Jerzy Matulewicz, Restorer of the Congregation of Marian Fathers, who serves at the Licheń sanctuary.

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