Rekolekcje Maryjne o rozpoznawaniu Bożej woli „Jakże się to stanie ?”, 6-8 sierpnia

Sixty people from different parts of Poland focused on the subject of recognizing God's will in the Licheń sanctuary during the retreat on August 6-8.

The retreat conferences were conducted by Fr. Janusz Kumala, MIC, custodian of the Lichen sanctuary and director of the "Salvatoris Mater" Marian Formation Center in Licheń. He emphasized how important it is in one's spiritual life to follow the example of Our Lady. - Our task is to know God's plan, God created us for love and for heaven. He showed us the way in the sacrament of baptism - he emphasized that it is worth trying for moments of silence and being sensitive to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, because in the noise of the world we will not hear God who does not impose himself. He also warned against the risk of following conspiracy theories or being interested in divination.

The need for a wise discernment of God's will appears every day, especially with difficult topics, such as the use of the sacraments in the era of sanitary restrictions. - There is no Church without the Eucharist. Christ is food for eternal life. It is a life in love, because eternity is love. You can also use the sacraments on a weekday, he reminded. He emphasized the importance of personal responsibility and confronting oneself with God's will. You can have different views, but express them in love. 

A 34-year-old married couple, Dagmara and Adam, who came from Luzin, are taking part in the Marian retreat for the second time. - The retreat on recognizing God's will was helpful. In the rush of everyday life, man forgets that he should be guided by what God says. We believe that such meetings strengthen our marriage, they say.

On August 20-22, another in the series of Marian retreats are planned - a retreat at the School of the Immaculate Conception "Surrounded by God's love".

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