Retreat in preparation for general confession, May 20-23

Another retreat in preparation for general confession has ended in the Marian Sanctuary in Licheń Stary. During the meeting, from Thursday, May 20 to Sunday, May 23, 20 people from all over Poland participated.

Mrs. Marzena Górka from Zgierz came to Licheń with her husband Waldemar. She found out about the retreat following the Facebook profile of the Lichen sanctuary. After learning about the program of the meeting, she decided to sign up to take part in it: "I have always wanted to know if it is a general confession, how it differs from this regularly practiced confession in the parish, what is the secret that lies in this, to make a good confession of your whole life. " The participant admitted that she was a bit scared at the beginning, but the prevailing atmosphere of the retreat made the stress disappear quickly: - “I am pleasantly surprised because the confession was made in a" friendly "manner, with great concern. At first there was stress, but after a while it was neutralized by the priest. I have to say that it was well organized and well run. "

Retreat teachings were prepared by Fr. Adam Stankiewicz, MIC, vice-custodian of the Lichen sanctuary. Mrs. Marzena emphasized that they were important and extremely useful for the participants, because the priest exposed the retreatants a lot of content about how Satan works in human life. “Thanks to these tips, we were able to learn how to avoid Satan's snares. Thanks to this, we were able to prepare ourselves for a good and fruitful confession experience. "

The participant of the retreat also encourages to take part in this type of meeting - to close certain stages of your life, to be reborn again to life in faith, to approach your spiritual life maturely, as well as to the issue of salvation, to a relationship with God, to live. in truth.

The next retreat in preparation for general confession in Licheń will take place on May 27-30. Detailed information can be obtained at the Pilgrim Service Office by calling 63 270 81 42.

Lichen Stary, May 23, 2021

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