World Mission Day and Family Senior's Day

For missionaries and seniors

The missionaries and seniors were surrounded by prayer on October 24 at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń, the Sorrowful Queen of Poland.

World Mission Day fell on the penultimate Sunday in October. Missionaries of the Marian Congregation work in Cameroon, Rwanda, Kazakhstan, India, Vietnam, the Philippines and Brazil. Fr. Janusz Kumala, MIC, custodian of the Lichen sanctuary during the noon Mass. He emphasized that not everyone can proclaim the Gospel in distant countries. However, God wants the message of Christ to reach everyone. Therefore, everyone should be missionaries in their surroundings, proclaim the Good News and ask for the grace of faith. - Faith is a grace that God gives to everyone. In this desire for God - the desire for the salvation of every human being, we are also to share with our love and prayer - said the curator.

It is no coincidence that those gathered at the sanctuary also celebrated the Senior Family Day. At the beginning of the creation of the sanctuary, the Mother of God sent her message through Mikołaj Sikatka, an elderly shepherd. - An elderly person is often lonely and forgotten. The message that comes from the lichen sanctuary is important - none of us is forgotten, and every elderly person is needed by God! We cannot forget it. We are needed to be loved by God and to love God, emphasized Fr. Kumala. He encouraged them to learn about the situation of older people in their immediate environment and to be kind towards them. First of all, to share your time with seniors. It made you reflect on how to be a missionary and help the elderly? - I must meet Jesus like Bartimaeus, there is no other recipe. Then our eyes and hearts will open. If we look deep into our hearts, we will notice that we do not always have open hearts, even though Christ comes to meet us in the sacrament of the Eucharist and reconciliation. When we follow Jesus and see Him, we will become missionaries in this world, said the custodian priest. He recalled an important gesture by Bartimaeus, the hero of the Gospel - he symbolically threw off his cloak, which means rejecting any security that restricts his movements, and ran to Christ. He prayed he would see through. - This should be our prayer. And this is the prayer of many pilgrims who come to our shrine to see through - Fr. Kumala recalled reports from the pilgrimage ceremonies in the Lichen sanctuary - all of the several thousand pilgrims could confess thanks to the service of several dozen priests.

Seniors at the altar went to Danuta Mastalska's book "In the Evening of Life", and after the Eucharist, the concert was given by the choir of the Lichen basilica "Stabat Mater" under the direction of Jacek Hyżny, who also prepared the musical setting for the main Sunday Mass.

Next Sunday after Holy Mass at. At 6.00 p.m. we invite you to All Souls' Day, an evening of reflection, reflection and prayer, led by the "Galilea" sanctuary ensemble.

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