Prayer communities

The prayer that all members of the Community say every day is the Chaplet of the Ten Virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It shows and emphasizes the virtues of Mary, and at the same time invites us to follow them in everyday life. Intentions that appear to be very topical have been included in seven groups.

For addicts

Prayer in this group includes intentions for people involved in various types of addiction to alcohol, nicotine, sex, Internet, food, drugs, etc. Also for those suffering from addicts, for people helping to overcome addictions, for fighting addictions. The mass for addicts is celebrated in 2nd Monday of the month.

For the sick and dying

Her prayer covers intentions for people staying in hospitals, centers, nursing homes and hospices, for the elderly, for people on the verge of death, for those who look after the sick. Mass for the sick and dying is celebrated every Wednesday (blessing with the laying on of hands after the mass). Every 1st Wednesday of the month the sacrament of anointing of the sick is administered.

For the homeland

Her prayer covers the intentions for those in power in our country, for people who are unemployed, for people staying outside the country, for respect for Christian values in our homeland. Mass for the Homeland is celebrated on St. First Monday of the month.

For the Church

His prayer covers the intentions for the Holy Father. and in his intentions, for the clergy - bishops, parish priests and priests, for vocations, for fidelity to Christ for all believers, for the missionary work of the Church, for the work carried out by sanctuaries and people serving in them, for forgiveness of all sins of the Church.
Mass in First Tuesday of the month.

For marriages and families

The prayer covers intentions for those who are preparing for marriage, for unity and love in families, for marriages in danger of disintegrating, for non-sacramental unions, for intergenerational consent.
Mass in every Saturday of the month.


To be harassed by the evil spirit

This group with its prayers covers intentions for those who are enslaved and possessed by an evil spirit, for those experiencing fear of God, for avoiding the sacraments, for doubting God's love and mercy. Mass for those plagued by the evil spirit with a prayer for deliverance is celebrated in 2nd Tuesday of the month.

With the intention of respecting life

With their prayers, the members of this group embrace intentions for children who are conceived, for children at risk of abortion, for marriages seeking children, for children abused, humiliated and persecuted. Mass at the Sanctuary in Licheń St. 3rd Monday of the month.

The duration of the prayer is determined by each person individually. It may be a month or a year, but we also encourage you to make a declaration of prayer for life. It can also be undertaken periodically, e.g. each year during Advent or Lent.
We invite all those who feel in their hearts the desire to join the Community to send a declaration of affiliation to the address of the shrine and to start praying immediately. It is important that the declaration, apart from selecting one group, includes the address of the person or family who undertakes the prayer. We remind you that one person or one family chooses only one prayer group! The necessary materials will be sent to the address sent.

To join the Community, please download and print the attached declaration. The completed and signed declaration can be sent as an attachment by e-mail to the following address or send it back by traditional mail to the address of the sanctuary.

Download the declaration of joining the Prayer Community