They prayed for the dead in the hospice

Families, friends and employees of the Licheń hospice prayed during the Holy Mass. December 12 in the lower basilica for 108 deceased patients who passed to the Lord in 2020.

As every year, Mass. was preceded by a slide show with the names of those who died in the Hospice. Stanisław Papczyński, MIC in Licheń. - This is an important time because we can pray together with families. A hospice is a home, a community of people: medical staff, administration workers, chaplain, volunteers and families. We are very close to the sick and their relatives, which is why the annual Holy Mass. it is a very touching moment for us. We remember the people we looked after during the year - says Urszula Kulig, volunteer coordinator at the Licheń hospice.

After the prayer "Eternal rest ...", the Eucharist began by Fr. Jarosław Hybza, MIC from the Lichen community of Marian priests. - Hello family, relatives and friends of the deceased. Thank you for the beautiful gift of their lives, thank you that we could accompany them on their earthly pilgrimage to the Father's house. We believe that Christ, who conquered death, sin and Satan, is present among us, and that his house is open to all of us, he turned to the Marians present.

Each participant had the opportunity to go to the sacrament of confession and obtain a plenary indulgence under ordinary conditions, which he could offer for the soul of a deceased loved one. Fr. Hybza reminded that the most powerful prayer is the Holy Mass, the most powerful gift for the dead is the plenary indulgence, and that it is the person who decides where he wants to go after death. - In the Bible, death is presented as a dream, a state of falling asleep, and the cemetery as a bedroom where people rest and wait for the resurrection, awakening to a new life. Mercy towards other people, human love and humility already show that heaven is in us and we share it with others - the Marian encouraged us to remember the dead for a whole year. - I wish for myself and for you that our faith and love for Christ would be ever deeper. May we already live in heaven here and share it with others.

After the Mass there was a Christmas fair, during which it was possible to buy Christmas decorations prepared by volunteers from the Lichen hospice. The income goes to the Lichen Hospice. 

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