Meeting of altar boys from Marian parishes on the 103rd anniversary of Poland regaining independence

Participants of the Polish Congress of Altar Servers, along with the chaplains and guardians, took part in the Holy Mass at 12.00, commemorating the 103rd anniversary of Poland regaining independence

About 140 young representatives of 9 Marian parishes (in Skórc, Warszawa-Praga, Warszawa-Stegny, Warszawa-Marymont, Góra Kalwaria, Lublin, Rdzawka on Mariankach and hosts from Lichen Stary). “They gathered in large numbers to deepen their relationship with God, Mary and one another; thank you for being an altar, that is, someone who serves, who is closest to the altar, gazes at Christ. " - said Fr. Janusz Kumala, MIC, encouraging them to pray for the altar boys so that their presence at the altar would be fruitful, also in later adult life.

"The National Independence Day draws attention to the matter of the Fatherland, for whose freedom we thank, but we also ask that we be responsible for it and find our own place in it" - emphasized the curator priest. “Today we want to look at our homeland with hope. Not because it is growing economically. The young generations are hope for the future of the Motherland. That is why it is so important to support those who are on the threshold of the way they can travel here or go beyond the borders of our country. "

According to Fr. Kumali, our love for the Motherland should be expressed through memory and gratitude. “The memory of the past, what happened on this land, the people who worked here and fought for its independence and freedom. It should be associated with gratitude to the generations that have come before us, building our sweat and blood today. The fact that we have a homeland, whose name is Poland, we owe to previous generations " Said the Marian.

“Today, in this basilica, in free Poland, we look at the Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Lichen as, for example, Mary's concern for our Homeland. Mary is taking the white eagle to her breast - a sign that Poland is in the heart of the Mother of God. It was like that in the history of our nation and it is written in the Licheń painting " - explained the curator of the sanctuary, recalling how Bl. card. Stefan Wyszyński, during the coronation of the Lichen image in 1967, said that the image of Our Lady of Lichen teaches love for the homeland - "The point is that, following her example, we should fix our eyes on Jesus, that we should bring our homeland in our hearts to Jesus, that we would pray for it" - added Fr. Kumala.
In his homily, the monk encouraged to deepen interpersonal ties, help each other, forgive, and build the Motherland in a sense of responsibility for it. According to the priest, the most important relationship is needed for this - a relationship with God, without which it is impossible to create a community. "Love for the homeland is to be expressed in love for people. Because the Motherland is people. The point is to build relationships based on respect, mutual love, care that there are no divisions between us that will lead to the destruction of the Motherland. If we are divided, quarreling, looking at each other and with hatred, our Homeland will disappear, and certainly no one in it will be happy ".

During the Eucharist, prayers were surrounding all Poles who rule our country, the Polish diaspora living in different parts of the world, as well as for those who died in defense of freedom and sovereignty of our homeland. After the liturgy, there was a concert of patriotic songs performed by the Sanctuary Brass Quintet, which is made up of graduates and students of the Music Academies of Poznań, Łódź and Bydgoszcz. The audience could hear, among others The "Panzer boys" march, which is a song of the First Armored Division of General Stanisław Maczek, the song "Maki", and "About my rosemary" or "Wojenko, wojko".

Text and photos: Sanctuary Press Office

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