The procession of the Magi in Licheń - the kings made gifts to the newborn baby Jesus

In the experience of the Epiphany celebration, the participants of the sum in the Lichen basilica were helped by the staging of the Three Wise Men, which took place immediately before the noon mass.

In his homily, the Custodian Father encouraged us to look at what today's ceremony wants to tell us. He pointed out that the Magi, according to the original Greek Gospel text, were magicians. They could read a lot from the stars. They belonged to the intellectual elite of the contemporary world. They were people curious about the universe with hearts open to the signs that were given them to read. It is important for us to be able to read this language that is understandable to all of us. Looking at the world in which we live, we can meet God. The star reminds us to see in it the wisdom and omnipotence of God who is present in the surrounding reality.

The ceremony was attended by kings with entourage and shepherds. Then the retinue with the liturgical service and the celebrant, Fr. Janusz Kumala, MIC, went to the nativity scene in Bethlehem, where the Kings made gifts to the Newborn. The procession was accompanied by the music of the Sanctuary Brass Quintet. Children present at the ceremony received colorful crowns.

Look: a new nativity scene in the Licheń basilica

Before the beginning of the Eucharist, according to ancient tradition, the dates of the movable feasts celebrated this year were announced. The roots of this sung rite go back to the Fathers of the Church. It has not only practical reasons. It also emphasizes the close relationship between the holidays of the Incarnation and the Redemption.
“The kings heard that it had already been written with the prophets that Bethlehem would be the place from which the Lord - Shepherd of the People of Israel would come out. They listened to this Word and accepted it. Is the Word of God for me a space in which I get to know God? " - asked Fr. Kumala. The celebrant also pointed out that the priests knew the Scriptures but did not go to Bethlehem. “There may be something that blocks a person's heart from coming to God. We must be careful not to be such Christians. Another person is also the way to God. God reveals himself to us - he wants to meet us in our everyday life. If in my work I act for the good of my neighbors, I meet God, this time brings me closer to Him " - said the curator of the Lichen sanctuary.
On January 6, chalk and incense were traditionally blessed, which the faithful could take home to mark the doors of their homes.
The liturgy was preceded by a concert of Christmas carols performed by Barbara Kaczor, organist at the Lichen basilica. On the next Sunday, Marian priests invite you to a verbal and musical spectacle called "At the Christmas table", which will take place after the 12.00 masses. The performers will be Bogusław Morka (tenor, soloist of the Teatr Wielki - Polish National Opera and the Roma Music Theater in Warsaw), Ryszard Morka (bass) and Agnieszka Kozłowska (soprano).
The coming kings give gifts to the born baby Jesus

Text and photos: Sanctuary Press Office

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