Learn to love. Day of the Dignity of People with Intellectual Disability

On Sunday, May 9, in the Licheń basilica, people with intellectual disabilities were prayed for that, thanks to their relatives and people of good will, they would experience God's good and love every day. "We pray that your life will be worthy, that you will never miss another human being, a neighbor who will accompany you, will always be with you, supporting you" - assured Fr. Bogusław Binda, MIC, superior of the Lichen religious community, who celebrated the main Mass in the basilica on that day.

The Day of Dignity of Persons with Intellectual Disability and the European Day for Combating Discrimination of Persons with Disabilities are celebrated on May 5 (in Licheń the celebrations have been moved to the following Sunday). The holiday began in France in the early 90s of the last century. Its aim is to draw the society's attention to the problems and challenges faced by people with intellectual disabilities on a daily basis.

“Today, in the sanctuary, we pray for the intention of intellectually disabled people for their dignified life. In our homeland and in the world today, we can often hear that what matters is only those who are beautiful and physically and mentally healthy, who are active, can find themselves everywhere, have prestige, are rich "- said the homiletic. He recalled the statement of a mother bending over her disabled daughter. Even though she was already an elderly and sick person herself, she assured: “I cannot imagine my life without this child. She teaches me to love and that is why God gave her to me, to teach me this love ”.

“The gift of redemption is free. When we ask about God's love for us, we need to look not elsewhere, but at the Cross - there we will see crucified love. Christ shed blood for each of us. It is a blessed time that we gather here, in this temple to ask ourselves - maybe once again, or maybe it will ring for the first time - am I interested in this God's love in today's world? Remain in my love, says Jesus in today's Gospel - the point is to base your whole life on it, ”said the monk, encouraging people to engage in God's love with their whole life.
Fr. Binda also recalled the life of St. Joan de Valois, the founder of the Annunciade Order, who was physically disabled: “Father did not like her because he was expecting a son. Her husband did not like her because she was handicapped. She pleased God in whose hands she became a tool. Thanks to this person, St. Joanna French, there is an order of Annunciades ”.

"What can be more than love?" - asked Fr. Binda. “This is why God gives us these different events, relationships, situations, people around us who are different, who need another human being. Also to know how to give and love, but also to receive this love, because it is about giving and taking. As St. John in today's second reading - whoever loves knows God. "

Next Sunday, May 16, the Licheń sanctuary will host the Day of the Promotion of Honorary Blood Donation under the slogan "Your blood can save someone's life". It will be possible to donate blood at the lower basilica in the chapel of the Shroud of Turin, between 8.30-12.00. More information is available at the Pilgrim Service Office:, 63 270 81 42.

Lichen Stary, May 9, 2021

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