Warsztaty Liturgii Tradycyjnej „Ars Celebrandi” w Licheniu

The largest traditional liturgy workshop in Europe, "Ars Celebrandi", began with a ceremonial mass with a procession on Thursday, July 8 at the Licheń sanctuary.

This year, the workshop is attended by a record number of sixty clergymen (not only diocesan clergy, but also religious from various congregations)! And the overall number of participants, around 235, is also exceptionally large. There are people from Poland, France, Belgium and Germany. For one person from the military diocese in the USA, classes conducted in English were prepared. The youngest this year's participant in the altar group is 13 years old, while the oldest - 72 years old.

For seven days of workshops, liturgies according to an extraordinary form of the Roman Rite. As Dr. Dominika Krupińska, spokesman of the "Ars celebrandi" workshops assures, the organizers make every effort to ensure that the event is also a retreat for the participants. During this year's mass, sermons with retreat teaching will be preached by a Salvatorian, Fr. Jacek Nowak SDS.

On the second day of the workshop, there will be a votive mass to remove the plague. Every morning in the Licheń parish church of St. Dorothy, masses recited with folk singing will be celebrated. This Saturday and Sunday masses will be celebrated in the Dominican Rite. On Monday, July 12, during a solemn mass requiem with a station procession, participants will pray for those resting in the parish cemetery. The second Requiem mass during this year's workshop - for Bishop Piotr Gembicki on the 364th anniversary of his death, will be held on Thursday (14.07, 17:00, Church of Our Lady of Częstochowa). The main Holy Mass will be celebrated in the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Licheń on July 14 at 13:40. The workshops will end on Friday, July 15 with a solemn mass with a theophoric procession and singing "Te Deum".

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Participants have the opportunity to learn to celebrate, serve, and participate, as well as to sing. Daily workshop blocks were divided into thematic groups and according to the level of advancement. 3 groups of priests, 3 altar boys and a male and female choir were organized, where participants will learn Gregorian chant. The workshops are intended to be holistic and complementary. - In addition to the celebration, there is also a singing group, a presbytery and a choir are provided. In addition to priests, seminarians and altar boys, the event is also attended by singers (both beginners and advanced), whose music adds sublime and majesty to the rites.

From the early morning hours until late evening, apart from the workshop classes, the rhythm of the day is determined by numerous masses, services and canonical hours. A retired seamstress is also informally present, and advises participants on liturgical dress - reveals Ms Krupińska - The workshops also provide priestly vocations - Over 20 participants have chosen the path of priestly or religious vocations so far.
For years, the workshops have been helping to deepen both the practical knowledge of the rites of the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite and their spiritual meaning. The organizers of this initiative wish to contribute to the implementation of Pope Benedict XVI's encouragement that we: "preserve and protect the riches that are the fruit of the faith and prayer of the Church". The idea behind "Ars celebrandi" is to discover the richness and beauty of the traditional liturgy.

Text and photos: Sanctuary Press Office

Ars Celebrandi, Lichen July 8-15, 2021, poster

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