Warsztaty „Kształtowanie postaw asertywnych”, 26-28 października

How do you say 'no' and express your needs respecting yourself and others? Such attitudes were learned by the participants of the psychological workshop "Shaping assertive attitudes"

The aim of the workshop is to shape assertive self-expression in a way that is compatible with yourself, but at the same time not attacking, allowing you to keep your boundaries with respect to the other person and to yourself. So it's not just knowing how to say no. What problems do participants report? - People come who want to know how to express their needs in an assertive way and how not to succumb to people who put pressure on them. They either succumb to people who put pressure on them, exceed their limits, or they fight for their needs in an overly intrusive way.

Participants during the workshop activities

First of all, the participants will learn what assertiveness is, how to distinguish it from other behaviors, and everything takes place in a workshop formula. - They find out that it is not just saying "no" but that it is a series of different ways of expressing themselves. They have the opportunity to watch the scenes and practice them. The workshop group is small, consists of a dozen or so people, so that everyone has time to ask questions, practice what they have difficulty with and learn new information - informed the leader.

For Ms Iwona and Ewa from Kalisz, group work was important during the meeting. - We were encouraged by both the subject matter and the form of these workshops. I appreciate the fact that it is not only a lecture on a given topic, but most of all, we have the opportunity to conduct conversations and genre scenes in order to use the acquired information in practice in specific situations.

The greatest difficulty of visitors is refusing, the difficulty of saying "no". - Some do not want to fulfill the requests, and yet give in, and consequently feel bad about it. Difficulty also appears in expressing your feelings - positive or difficult, saying "I", expressing clearly what I mean - how do I feel, do I perceive it? What is happening with me? - mentioned the psychologist.

Workshops are strictly psychological, but there is also some free time that the participants can use freely. They often use it for spiritual development - incl. by participating in services or for long walks along the quiet alleys of the Licheń sanctuary.

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