Baptism Sunday - the day of thanksgiving for the gift of Holy Baptism

Noon Mass presided over by Fr. Janusz Kumala, MIC, the curator of the Lichen sanctuary, began with sprinkling the faithful with holy water as a sign of penance and memories of baptism.

The Sunday feast drew attention to the first sacrament, which is the foundation of our eternal life. - God gave us selflessly the sacrament of holy baptism. Just as heaven was opened over Jesus during his baptism in Jordan, so God spoke words of love to each of us: "You are my beloved Son, in you I am well pleased." We want to be loved and loved, holy baptism is a sign that we have been strengthened, that is, filled with love - emphasized Janusz Kumala, MIC, the curator of the Lichen sanctuary

Later on, the celebrant encouraged us to thank not only God, but also our parents and godparents, for the memory of the priest who celebrated the sacrament, or for visiting the church where heaven was opened over us.
Father Janusz Kumala recalled that the sacrament of baptism is a gift, but also a task to live in accordance with baptismal promises, to imitate Christ. - In the Licheń sanctuary, the message of Our Lady has been sounding for 170 years - a call to change, to live the sacraments. The purpose of each pilgrimage is to meet Christ and love another human being - noted the curator.

Text and photos: Sanctuary Press Office

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