Matka Boża Bolesna

The Golgotha

Licheń’s Golgotha was created to recompense sacrilegious act of Berta Bauer – supervisor of the  youth from Hitlerjugend, who was shooting at the cross and also for that after the war crosses were removed from public places like schools, hospitals and offices.

It was not easy to built a 25-meter high stone hill. The parishioners started the construction in 1976. They had mounded an ascent and placed a cross and figures of Mary and John the Apostle. They also installed there Stations of the Cross made by Olga Bajkowska. However sandy hill came out to be short-lived. Fr. Makulski decided to built Golgotha out of stone.  There were used stones from Konin’s  coal mine. In some stones are embed rocks brought from Mount Tabor, Mount of Olives, Jerusalem’s Calvary, the Cenacle and Church from the Nativity in Bethlehem. Thousands of smaller rocks were brought by pilgrims. They left them like their sins, which God had forgiven them in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Penance at feet of Sorrowful Mother of God.

Beside traditional 14 stations of the Cross there are chapels and caves on Golgotha, where we can pray and contemplate, e.g. Chapels of Garden of Gethsemane, Flagellation, Unborn Children, Betrayal, Cave of (symbolic) Lords Tomb and Cave of Assumption of Mother of God. The last one is one of the most interesting. There is a group of sculptures, 6 meters high, showing Mary raised by angels into Heaven, where Holy Trinity is waiting for Her. This is the last cave, which we pass away going down from Golgotha - it is made purposely. Role of Blessed Virgin Mary, through whom Jesus came to Earth as a man, have not ended in the moment of His birth, His death on the cross or neither after His Resurrection. Assumed Mary still takes care of us – Her sons and daughters, entrusted Her by Jesus from the cross. Here, in Licheń’s Sanctuary many visitors experiences this care in a special way.

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