Congregation of Marian Fathers and Brothers

Marians is a religious community founded in the 17th century by St. Father Stanisław Papczyński. Initially, the Marians were preaching retreats, conducting folk missions, running monastery schools. Currently, they work in 19 countries around the world, with over 450 priests and brothers gathered in 80 communities.

Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Name of Jesus

The Sisters of the Name of Jesus imitate the silent and hidden Eucharistic life which the Lord liked by living among people in a sacramental way. The co-founder of the Congregation is the Servant of God Franciszka Maria Witkowska. At the age of twenty-one, on the orders of Bl. Honorata, organized the life and activities of the nascent congregation.

Annunciade Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary, also known as the Annonciade (in the Polish translation of the Annunciade), was founded in 1501 by St. Joan of France (family name de Valois) with the active support and advice of the Franciscan Fr. Gilbert Nicolas, also known as Bl. Gabriel Maria.

Prayer communities

The prayer that all members of the Community say every day is the Chaplet of the Ten Virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It shows and emphasizes the virtues of Mary, and at the same time invites us to follow them in everyday life. Intentions that appear to be very topical have been included in seven groups.

Lichen Community of the Rosary

Lichen Community of the Rosary

When praying the rosary, we remain with our hearts to Our Lady of Licheń. We also take care to maintain, as far as possible, ties with the Licheń sanctuary, among others by reading Lichen magazines, such as: "Pilgrim Licheński", "Zeszyty Maryjne", "Mother of Peace", as well as by participating in the rosary retreats and annual pilgrimage to the Lichen sanctuary.