Temporary exhibitions

We organize exhibitions related to important anniversaries in this room. Currently, you can see the exhibition opened in 2020 entitled:

Poland's wedding to the sea 1920

The exhibition refers to the events from 100 years ago, when General Józef Haller made a symbolic wedding with the sea. We present here a priceless souvenir - a wedding ring with the sea, which General Haller wore for the rest of his life! The general received two such rings, one he threw into the sea as a sign of the wedding, the other he had on his hand. We also recall the history of Pomerania's return to the borders of the Republic of Poland.

Polish wedding ring with the Baltic Sea, Orders of the White Eagle and Virtuti Militari, general's uniform, private correspondence, relics of many saints, Holy Bible, prayer book, rosary, watch, fountain pen and pencil, tie clips and cufflinks - these are only some of the things belonging to Józef Haller, which can be seen at the Museum of Fr. Józef Jarzębowski, MIC in Licheń Stary.

Earlier temporary exhibitions

Nothing more, nothing less: Rubens, Rembrandt

the exhibition was open in 2019.

The exhibition includes graphics by both masters from our collections. Engravings from Rubens' studio are very numerous in our collection, from the Rembrandt school, and we have over a dozen prints. In the art of Northern Europe there are no more famous and contrasting different artists like the two great Baroque masters: Flemish Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) and Dutch Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606-1669). They were both painters, they lived in the Netherlands and worked under the influence of Italian painters. However, their art reflected divergent beliefs: on the one hand Rubens the philosophy of the Catholic Counter-Reformation, on the other Rembrandt Protestant Reformation. Rubens and Rembrandt appreciated the graphics. And although they understood it so differently, and used it in different ways, they both made their mark on its history. Following these differences is an interesting and inspiring trip to the Netherlands of the Golden Age. We still have catalogs for this exhibition on sale.


November, 2021

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